The Mets

We are sitting here, watching the Mets try to hold on in the top of the 9th inning. Billy Wagner is one strike away from closing out the game against the dreaded Atlanta Braves. The Mets won 4 to 3. What you have to love about the Mets is that they always make it interesting. First they’re leading by 3 runs, then they’re behind by one …. and how many times have they won in the 8th or 9th (or later) innings? And worse, how many times have they lost in the later innings by one run?
We are baseball fans in this family. Our vacations very often revolve around major league stadiums and we enjoy watching all ball games, even if they aren’t (gasp) our team. I work with a bunch of macho men (Yankee fans) who cannot fathom watching a team other than their own. If the Yanks aren’t doing well, or if they are knocked out of the post season, to these guys, baseball is over and it’s time for football. For us, we’ll watch the world series, regardless who’s playing!
In this house, our true allegiance belongs to the Mets. They are so much fun to watch – exciting and young and playing together as a team. I really like watching Jose Reyes and his little dances that he has with all the players. How does he keep them separate??? I was a little beligerent when Omar Manaya brought Pedro Martinez on board thinking it was like bringing in a hired gun. And who hadn’t heard of his antics in Boston? But the difference he makes to this team and the fans is palpable. Watching him sit on the top step of the dugout, keeping a running commentary going whether it be with his teammates or the opposing team, is so much fun!
I can’t believe we only have three more weeks of the regular season. Where did the summer go?


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