Yankees-Red Sox rivalry

I am a Mets fan, however, I have followed the Yankees over the past 10+ years because I love baseball and I’ll watch just about any game, especially if I get to go to the stadium. The Yankees of the 90’s were a great team – with Paul O’Neill and Scott Brosius and of course Bernie and Tino. They played so well together! Now, the Yankees seem, to me, more of a group of superstars, not so much a team.
Growing up in NJ in a baseball loving family, I know about the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry. I’ve even been to several of the games between the two teams (always a fun atmosphere). This year, however, I find myself in a strange situation. The guy in the office next to me is a die hard Yankee fan, to the point that he stops watching baseball all together if
  • a.) they are not doing well, or
  • b.) they are out of the post season.

I got tired of his boasting, back in July, of how the Yankees were going to come back and take everything after they won 4 games in a row, so I told him to put his money where his mouth was … I would bet the Yanks didn’t take the division title. Since the Red Sox were 6 games in front, I stupidly fronted him 3 games so I really need the Sox to win by 3.5 games, not just one. I should know better – as my mother say, “You NEVER bet against the evil empire!” (She is really a Met Fan, capital M capital F, who can’t stand the team across town.)

Anyway, here I am in the middle of September, rooting for a team outside of NY, to win the title and by 3.5 games, no less. After this last series, I am getting a little worried (translation, my stomach flips everytime I think of it). It would be really nice for Boston to go on a tear so I could rest easy. I think it would also be nice for Detroit to keep going the way they are going – would it be so bad if the Yankees didn’t make it to the post season for one year???? Besides, how gratifying would it be to relive 1986 again (Mets/Red Sox in the series)? Of course, the Mets will have to get their heads out of their butts and start playing like major leaguers again before that can happen.

14 more days, sigh…..


2 Responses to “Yankees-Red Sox rivalry”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    you are so screwed…

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    To Hey Teach! – allow me to just say “Thank you Captain Obvious!”

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