The Monarchs

One of the signs that summer is on its way out is the advent of the Monarch Butterflies. Here in NJ, we are in the migratory path of these gorgeous creatures, so we see them almost every year, especially on LBI. One year, there were so many of them, you couldn’t walk outside without being surrounded. I have never seen that many before or since. It was spectacular.

This year, my mother planted her “Van Gogh” garden, full of Zinnias, which the butterflies love.
It is such a wonderful thing to see every time you pass the window. Riotous color, which is something my family loves! She really outdid herself this year. And the butterflies are not the only visitors to her garden. We have seen several types of birds, including a few humming birds. I didn’t catch their photo, but I did get this fellow – he has such a curious look to him.

Last weekend, there were 10-15 Monarchs darting around. They have no fear. We were wondering what kind of wing span they have, so my mother went to the garden with a measuring tape, and held it up quite close to one of the butterflies on the flowers, who went on with his eating. Didn’t faze him at all! She wound up measuring 3 or 4 of them. By the way, for those who are interested, their wingspan measured between 4.5 and 5 inches. I love the look of the orange against the fir trees in the backyard. Here is the picture I managed to get before they flitted off to some new adventure in another yard. I can’t wait to see how many show up this weekend.


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