Fall is Officially Here

Well, we are now in the Autumn season, and the weather is behaving beautifully. It is a clear and, I don’t want to say crisp because that’s pushing it a bit, but breezy 75 degrees. The sky is a gorgeous blue and the water is calm, just a bit darker than the sky. And I’m spending the weekend at my parent’s house at the beach – can it get better?

To celebrate the beginning of Fall, and jumping the gun a bit, I might add, one of the smoke detectors decided to let us know its battery was getting low by going off last night. At 2AM. Right inside my room …. well, it sounded like it was in my room, but actually it was on the floor below me. Luckily, it went off twice to warn of the impending demise of its battery, and then stopped. This was enough to wake the three of us in that area of the house, and the 17 pound cat that was asleep on my chest. I don’t know if it was Andrew launching himself from me or the sound that first awoke me. But the combination was enough.

After checking all the other alarms and the rest of the house, we determined (correctly, as we all woke in one piece this morning) that it just needed a new battery. If the thought had crossed our minds at all, which I doubt, it usually is to change the batteries in October with Fire Prevention Month. (Something good came out of my teaching Kindergarten) However, last night, we did a fast search, and went back to bed.

Today, we spent some time counting smoke detectors (14), got new batteries, and (good old) Dad went around and replaced all the batteries.

So Fall is here, batteries are new and improved, and it’s Sunday, so the possibility of a nap is quite probable. As to whether it can get better, it would seem that yes it can. Carlos Delgado just hit a three run homer to bring the score to 6-3 Mets over Marlins.

No – I spoke too soon, as it is easy to do with the Mets – the Marlins tied and we’re going to extra innings. Sigh … it’s never easy with the Mets.


4 Responses to “Fall is Officially Here”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    beautiful shot…it’s a shame that we didn’t actually step foot on the beach all summer

  2. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    What an idylic sounding weekend.. Except for the alarm in the night, of course!Lovely pix of the house on the beautiful beach..sigh..

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    To Hey Teach – I stood on the dunes to take the picture – does that count?To She of Little Brain – We are truly lucky to have parents who allow us to share this wonderful house. Getting back and forth can be a hassle, especially with traffic and the responsibilities of the store, but the payoff is really worth it. Peaceful is … sitting on the back porch with a good book and enjoying the garden, with the sound of the ocean in the background.

  4. Hey Teach! Says:

    no it doesn’t count because it was the first day of fall

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