I Have a New Cell Phone

This may not seem like that big of a deal but I had a very boring phone before because I don’t use it very much. As a matter of face, I usually forget it at home. Helen has a blackberry that she takes everywhere because it has email and keeps us connected to the business (blatant plug to Hey Teach) and since I’m usually with her, the people that count know they can get me at that number. But, I do have a life away from my house although, it’s usually at work with a number kindly provided by the company I work for, or in my car going back and forth to said work, and since I do believe it’s safer for me to drive while NOT talking on the phone, I was very pleased to get Onstar with my car because it has a magic mirror phone. That may be one of the longer sentences I’ve ever written. Which is more scary – that I wrote it or that it might NOT be one of the longer ones? I don’t know why my family says I can’t focus…..
Anyway, it was time to renew with my cell phone company and they sent me an email showing all the phones that were on sale. Since I am happy with this company and wasn’t planning to change, I took a look and the Motorola Razer was on sale for $0. Nothing. Naught. Zilch. Difficult to pass that up. I didn’t need a new phone but, since I can’t justify spending all the $$ on the I-Phone I really want, I decided “What the Hell!” And, to make it even better, I downloaded the theme to Pirates of the Caribbean as my ring tone. Now, when I don’t answer, the problem won’t be that I don’t have the phone but that I’m wrapped up in the music.
Side note … the magic mirror phone is not really in the mirror (cool as that would be). There is a button on the mirror that you push and then tell the operator the number you would like to dial. I believe the phone system is actually hooked through the sound system since it overrides the radio. All I know is I push a button, give a number, and then don’t have to worry about holding a teeny-tiny phone between my shoulder and ear while I drive, inevitably dropping it on the floor and causing all sorts of terror to cars around me. Much safer all around, believe me:)

One Response to “I Have a New Cell Phone”

  1. amanda Says:

    cool- what color did you get?

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