F is for FLOWERS

I love flowers. The brighter the better. I like having them on my desk at work because they make the office smell fantastic. Here in NJ, one of our harbingers of spring is the coming of the crocuses. They dot the lawn bits of color in purple, yellow and white. Then come the daffodils – brilliant splashes of yellow. Because as we all know, you can’t have just one bloom – there have to be LOTS of them. My favorite type of daffodil is the kind with yellow petals and orange center. I would really love to find a perfume that is just the scent of them – nothing extra added. Pure daffodil extract. That would be gorgeous.

My mother creates the most wonderful gardens. She really loves it when her hands are in the dirt. They are filled with raucous color that jumps out at you. At the beach, her garden is right outside my window so I get to wake up to this beauty every weekend.
Every year she does something different. There are some standards that are always there and last weekend the Michaelmas Daisies bloomed on September 29th, just as they are supposed to.

This year, we called her garden the “Van Gogh garden”.
She planted Zinnias, which, aside from staying for the summer and are still going strong as we enter fall, have the added bonus of attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, not to mention the other denizens of the our yard.
My version of a garden is this kind.
We put out seeds for the birds and there are some that go through them tossing out the kinds that they don’t like. And through the marvels of nature, these seeds germinate and grow. And we get to enjoy! There are some that also don’t like the corn kernels so, it appears, we have corn growing. Before you know it, we will have people stopping in the street to admire our handiwork!


2 Responses to “F is for FLOWERS”

  1. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    How wonderful to live on a river! I love water and it’s so scarce here in AZ…Your Mom’s van Gogh garden is beautiful, so bright and cheerful:)

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    My mother has such a green thumb. Unfortunately it died before it hit our generation – most things I take on die – either because I forget them or because one of the felines decided whatever it is must be edible.

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