G is for GAMES

I love playing games and by that I mean board games, card games, word games, puzzles, you get the picture. Athletic games are not my cup of tea. And games of skill aren’t that great because there is very little skill there. However, the brain works well and I like challenging it. I have a HUGE competitive streak. I don’t like losing at all. I am not a poor sport and I don’t let losses get me down for long, but I really REALLY like to win. And this comes in a direct line from my family. However, there are one or two that are really laid back about whether they win or lose (I hate getting them on my team).
My latest puzzle craze is Sudoku. I got a desk calendar last year that had a different puzzle for each day of the year moving from very easy to very challenging and then back again. If I had lots of time, I would have done them all. In reality, between my job and my business and (to be honest, the most important thing) my sleep, I still have lots to look forward to doing in the future.
My favorite game is Scrabble. I remember during the summers while I was growing up, the grown ups would gather on the beach at 5 PM for happy hour and a game of Scrabble. It meant so much to me when I got to sit in and play. And once I hit the end of high school and college, I was a regular (to the game, not the drinking). I even found a site on-line that you can play with people from around the world. I played once with someone from Jerusalem. Crazy that we can be that connected! I have to figure out how to get back to that site – I haven’t been since I moved 3 years ago. Just no time.
When I was working at the gift store on LBI, the owner and I had a running game of Gin Rummy going. Whoever got to a certain number of points first got a prize from the other. I got several books and a CD out of that. The best thing was that Julius is the best to play with – he lets his emotions take over. When you invest as much as we did into each game, the pay-off is enormous. I miss those games – unfortunately I don’t see him as much as I’d like either.
Growing up we played lots of board games. And being the 2nd oldest of 6, I continued playing Candyland and Chutes and Ladders long after everyone else my age had stopped. When we found Trivial Pursuit we played it constantly. It got to the point that no one wanted to play with us because we’d played it so often, we’d memorized the cards. And in the dining room of the beach house, there was an enormous map of the world on the wall. Everyone tried to sit on the opposite side of the table so they could try to get answers from it for the geography questions. Pictionary is a game best played with a large group of people. I have seriously come away in pain from laughing too hard at some of the contestant’s drawings.
My sister and I learned to play Bridge when we were in high school which works out very well because my parents love to play. My dad played on the tournament level when he was younger and he is amazing and my mother is no slouch either. Helen and I usually play together against them. We win occasionally but mostly we watch and learn. New Years Day is a great day for bridge games, especially if we’re at the beach looking out at the ocean during a snowstorm.
My one foray into video games has been Bubble Bobble (I think it was that – it’s been a really long time since I played that.) All I remember is trying to get letters in bubbles. No eye-hand coordination developed here – think I’m a little too old. I was in college when we first got Nintendo for my younger brothers. And I usually had my nose in a book. And I usually lost which didn’t enamor me to the damn thing.
***Additional note 10/6/07
Helen just reminded me about Yahtzee. We were at college together for one year and we spent most of that time playing Yahtzee. The college staff heard us at all hours. Don’t know how I could have forgotten that!

5 Responses to “G is for GAMES”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:


  2. ewe are here Says:

    There’s a website where you can do Sudoku’s on line, rather addictive.When at University, I used to stay up all night once in a while playing spades (better version of hearts). It could get downright ugly at 4:00 in the morning when your partner would play something (perceived at that time as )absolutely ridiculous! hee hee

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    Helen – added a note – can’t believe I forgot that!Ewe are here – thanks for stopping by. I will have to check out that website – it can be one more reason not to do housework, etc.

  4. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    I was an only child and my family never played board games! Of course, we played many of them when my four children were young, and now we play with grandchildren.My game, too, is Scrabble! I’m going through withdrawl from lack of a partner at this very mement, and heartily wish you were here to challenge me to a game..

  5. Mary Beth Says:

    We will have to see if we can meet on the ISC website and get a game going. Ahhh – the power of technology:)

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