What is it about Libraries that make them such a special place to visit?
  • They are often housed in wonderful buildings. Some of them are huge but many of the really cool ones are in tiny little buildings with separate rooms for each genre of book. The one we go to on LBI is like that – cool brick floors, mysteries in one room, children’s books in another. And upstairs, and balcony that goes around the large downstairs room, just lined with books.
  • They are usually quiet – I am able to lose hours looking for a book. And when you are done looking……
  • The librarians actually encourage you to sit and read for a while. There is nothing from your busy life outside those 4 walls that can intrude so you can escape. And is there any other floor nearly as comfortable as that of a library? I don’t mean deep pile rugs or anything like that – it’s just that any floor surrounded by all those books becomes somehow more accessible than the floors at home. (This could be because the library floors have not been taken over by dust bunnies, but that’s just my opinion.)
  • But for me the biggest draw are the infinite possibilities that libraries open for me. What next adventure will I go on? What land will I visit? What hobby will I begin?
I come from a family of readers and I read a lot of books. And I like to have copies of all the books I read because I very often reread my books. There are some that I have read 8 or 10 times. And with all these books, I need some place to put them. Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy, so I am not living in a huge house with unused rooms all over the place. Some day, when I’m rich and famous, I will have lots of rooms with shelves to the ceiling and the rolling ladders so I can reach all my lovely books. While I may not have reached that level yet, every room in my house does have at least one bookcase in it and this includes hallways. And still, there are books piled on tables, in leaning towers on the floor, all over the place. When I’m tripping over them, I sometimes think “Is this any way to live?” And the answer to that is “YES! There is no better way to live – with a mind that is constantly stimulated and engaged!”
In rereading this, I realize it’s been a while since I was actually in a library. If you need me, you know where to find me:)

One Response to “L is for LIBRARIES”

  1. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    I’ve been having fun catching up on your posts. I had boodles of jobs too..always wanting to try something new…Thats a beautiful sweater! I sew, but not knit. Maybe someday though..And libraries! I’ve always considered them my home away from home. I hope you get your room with ceiling to floor bookshelves, and one of those slide along ladders too! Until then, I agree heartily, the important thing is to have books, not where you keep them!

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