M is for MAGIC

I am a firm believer in Magic. It doesn’t have to be the kind of magic caused by wands and spells … whether its the magic you feel when you meet someone really special or the magic in nature around us, there are signs of it all around.

I have always been drawn to stories about magicians. The Once and Future King is one my favorite books of all time because of Merlin and how he taught the Wart. Once I started with Harry Potter I never looked back. I reread all the prior books with each new one that came out so I would be completely up-to-date for the latest installment. I also reread them each time the movies come out, which is a good thing, because there is no way to get all that good stuff in a 2-3 hour movie, so you know something is going to be left out. By rereading the book, my mind subconciously fits in all the missing pieces so it is a seamless whole for me.

And while I have not found direct evidence of fairies, brownies, gnomes, and garden magic yet, I haven’t given up hope and will continue looking!


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