P is for POOH

Anyone who knows me knows that Pooh has to come into my A to Z blog at least once. The only surprise is that he hasn’t shown earlier (except for a mention in E). My mother first introduced us to Edward Bear, “When We Were Very Young“. We would sit on the floor of the kitchen, where the hot water pipe ran underneath, with our backs against the cabinets. There we explored the 100 Acre Wood, living vicariously through those amazing characters. We even started associating with them (I was Piglet) and it crossed my mind that I would name my blog after Pooh. Before I started blogging, I read other people’s blogs, to be sure I knew what I was getting into, and there, lo and behold, I found the One Acre Wood, where She of Little Brain does Pooh such justice (by the way, I think SOLB would fit in very nicely with our inner circle – she gets it), so I decided to go with two other things near and dear to my heart – cats and books.

There are two distinct styles of Pooh – the original artwork of EH Shepard and those from Disney. As far as I’m concerned, the Classic Pooh drawings from Shepard are the only true Pooh. And they appear, in great number, in my house. On the walls, on clothing, all over. Part of this is because he just comes out so terrifically in all mediums. His shape was made for plush!

When we were planning our trip to England this March, knowing we only had 6 days, we were making lists of all the places we wanted to go, then going through them with red pen as we tried to make it realistic. And at the end, we had to scrap the whole list and start over again because we forgot the 100 Acre Wood, and can you possibly go to England and NOT play Pooh Sticks? We found the shop Pooh Corner and spent quite a while, and quite a lot of money, there. And we did in time find the Pooh Sticks Bridge (after getting lost several times, but that is just an example of pretty much how the whole trip went – finding fantastic places after getting lost). But that is another post for another time:)

One Response to “P is for POOH”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    As “Pooh” in the family I feel particularly honored…

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