Q is a difficult letter. I was trying to come up with some idea of what to post for this gem of a letter – I played around with quiet because that’s how I am around people until I get to know them well (think of how this played out while I was working in temp jobs – I’d just start talking to people and it would be time for me to move to another job). I also thought of questionable as in the the reality of finishing this post … And then I started noticing how much I really like Q words. They are different – some roll off the tongue, like quarrlesome and some are almost gutteral like quixotic (really good Scrabble word, that one), but they are all expressive. Quiver? WOW! And quoit, queue, quibble, and quaff . Did you know that the sound a gnu makes is called a quank and that the edge of your eyelid where the lashes are is called the quarm? Ahh – the quality of information that is available.

3 Responses to “Q is for QUANDARY”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    I have to catch up with you, so you can stop using all my ideas.

  2. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    I’m catching up on my reading while the girls are sleeping in..I love the q words, especially quank. I would love to lay that down in scrabble!Thanks for the link in your P is for Pooh post! I too distain any but the Shepard drawings..Naturally, I’m green with envy at your trip to Pooh Corner:)

  3. Beck Says:

    I like “quarry.” Or “quantitude.” “Quandry” was an inspired choice, though.

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