I am a fan of reality TV, and Survivor, being the first for me, has a special place in my heart. I have watched all but the second season (when I was working for a gift store that was open late on Thursdays, and they were very unreasonable about letting me leave early). There have been some seasons where I was ready to give up half way through, and Mark Burnett does something (his magic) to draw me back in. But through them all, there has been someone I could root for – that person didn’t always win (usually didn’t) but they would have gotten my vote. So far this season, I like no one. Although James is beginning to grow on me
Beware – Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, you might want to come back after you watch it
– the look on his face last night when Jamie tried to use her immunity idol was priceless. Such glee! And she deserved to go – there has to be a line you don’t cross and to my mind, going through another player’s bag is way over it. So Eric, although I don’t know much about you, other than that you’re a virgin (which is WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION, THANK YOU) you should probably go next because you just sat by and watched her root through James’ bag. However, since he we know next to nothing about him, I figure he’s going to win. We shall see!

4 Responses to “Survivor”

  1. Beck Says:

    I actually have never really watched Survivor and I’m not sure how that’s happened.

  2. Hey Teach! Says:

    The thing about James is that smile. He should do it more often. Also, he’s a grave digger which is intriguing since my first thought is “don’t they have machines for that these days?”

  3. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    We don’t have TV, but have watched a couple of Survivor’s on DVD. jWe got totally hooked..

  4. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    Oh I go with the typos again! must start proof reading..

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