I’ve seen this meme in several of the blogs I read and I needed an idea for today’s posting so here you go. For those of you who have been reading my blog, you might think “She just did the alphabet of herself – can she have anything left that we DON’T know?” Don’t worry – I managed to dig up a few things:) And for my two most consistent readers, these may not be new to you, but then you probably know 7 things about me that I don’t know.

1. I am possessive about my things especially trivial things, like colored paperclips. I use them at work for things that I know I’ll get back. And I really don’t like it when people take things from my desk and don’t ask first or return them. It’s not like they’re walking out the door with them but still….. However, this does not apply to family and close friends. They are welcome to my things …. as long as it’s not my books.

2. I love Stationery stores – I could spend hours and so much money there. I don’t do a lot of letter writing so it’s not for the stationery or cards. I love the little gadgets and things they come up with to organize your life for you. I always think that I could be really organized if I get them all. Then I take them home, put them in a safe place until I get the desk ready for them, and forget where they are. Somewhere, there is a lovely place with all my wonderful things. I could probably open my own stationery store with what’s hidden there.

3. I hate, Hate, HATE talking on the phone. I will come up with excuses not to do it. I get very rude. And god forbid you’re one of those speakers that needs great lengthy pauses in beetween thoughts – I have absolutely no patience for you at all. I much prefer face to face, or IM which I think may be one of the greatest inventions EVER!

4. One of my greatest fears is losing my eyesight or my faculties so I won’t be able to read anymore. One of my grandmother’s friends died in her sleep in the middle of a good book. That’s the way to go …. but hopefully I’d be at the end of the book:)

5. You couldn’t pay me to go back to highschool. There were only 19 of us in my graduating class of an all girl’s school. But I don’t think the fact that it wasn’t co-ed mattered because I went to an all women’s college also. I think it was the mentality. Now, college on the other hand … I’d pay you.

6. I don’t like snakes. I mean really, really don’t like them. When we had someone bring one to the school for a demonstration, I was the one in the furthermost corner cowering against the wall. To much laughter from my class, I might add – kindergarteners have no fear.

7. I have a fear/hatred of bridges. It is a feeling I’ve had since infancy. My mother says I would be fine in the car until we hit a bridge and they I would start crying. Once over, I was fine. The Tappan Zee Bridge is a creation of the devil and when my sister was living in White Plains, that was the worst part of the 4 hour trip.

And since I think you’re supposed to tag someone with this, I will tag Helen (give her something new to write about) and anyone else who would like to play. Just leave me a comment so I can come read personal things about you too.

Blog adjusted 11/9 (I changed #7, it was a little too personal).


  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    Oh great! Thanks so much!

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    Helen – I’m giving you something to write about so quit your whining!

  3. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    I just finished Dick Francis’ book this morning so I’m late at getting to blog reading and probably won’t have time to post!I was lucky enough to start with his first book Nerve, the year he wrote it…around 1965. I still remember standing in the library with that book in my hand, a little dazzled by the feeling that I’d just struck gold!Your meme was fun, and I so share your phone phobia…

  4. amanda Says:

    if only all the things we have bought over the years could organize my life….

  5. ThespAc Says:

    Ahh, I hate snakes too… I remember in high school some were also brought in due to some assembly that was being held and the man with the snake came straight to me of all the people there …You’ve also been tagged (and linked to), check out my blog for the rules 🙂

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