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Shopping is something at which I excel! Strangely enough, it’s not something I enjoy very much. I do not like being in that close contact with large groups of people. And,when I’m shopping for electronics (which we were yesterday), I really don’t like being ignored or patronized in those sections of larger department stores just because I don’t have a penis, and therefore can’t make a decision. After waiting patiently for my turn, I have been passed over in several stores, with the sales person making a beeline for the next male customer wandering aimlessly around the TV’s. Needless to say, those stores do not get my money anymore.

But I digress. Helen and I have decided to enter the world of High-Def Television. This is a huge, and pretty much unnecessary expense, however we are justifying it by giving it to each other as combo birthday/xmas presents so the cost will come out close to the same. We started thinking about this when we were in BJ’s (a large wholesale club) a few weeks ago. Helen’s has been more up on this sort of thing than I have, mainly because I’m three quarters of the way asleep whenever I watch TV, so I see everything through a haze anyway. But she’s kept her eye on LCD and plasma screen TV’s for a while, and has watched the prices fall. When we saw one in BJ’s that was close to our price range, we started bandying around the idea of getting one. After checking some of the major stores around us, we figured out that the pricing at BJ’s was pretty much universal so we started comparison shopping.
Yesterday, Sears was having a one day sale and we went down to see what they had available. The gentleman that helped us (and I am sorry I didn’t get his name) was so helpful. He stopped in the middle of a conversation with a colleague to see if we needed help. He answered all our questions and explained things in a manner that even we could follow them. And after my previous statement, he did not do it in a condescending manner at all. It was just a clear, easy to understand conversation. So we bought a new TV (LCD HDTV), the accessory kit, and a new DVD player. We were happy with our purchases and he offered to come over and watch TV with us whenever we wanted:)

Next step, seeing about switching our provider to High Def, which I believe means they have to rewire the house. That should be fun:} Til then…..


2 Responses to “SHOPPING”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    enjoy.i just don’t see the difference in them, in fact, i think the picture is LESS good. my husband disagrees. 😉 surprising, I know.

  2. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    Although we don’t watch TV, we watch movies big time. I’ve been looking at those lovely glowing screens..I got my seven things posted:)

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