We managed to get quite a bit done yesterday, even though it was Sunday and several of the household (feline variety) were pushing for staying in bed all day. But … humans persevered and we got one desk chair unpacked and put together (since we refused to pay the store to do something I can do very easily – and it’s something I really enjoy doing – putting together furniture – strange I know but there it is), one rolling filing system (not quite a cabinet but better than the box we’d been dumping files into) unpacked and put together (see desk chair – I just can’t do it again), one large TV moved out of house (on handy dandy desk chair already referenced) and into big car to carry it to it’s next owner*, and one brand new, beautiful TV unpacked and hooked up, plus as an added bonus, one new DVD player unpacked and hooked up. Helen spent a good 2 hours on the phone with Direct TV and the cable company trying to decide if we should stay with Direct TV or move over to cable. Cable was winning hands down for a while because Direct TV was going to charge us $299 for a new High Def receiver, even though we’ve been with them for over 10 years as loyal customers and have personally convinced at least 4 other households to switch to them (not a great number I know, but we don’t get out much). Cable, on the other hand, was going to give us the receiver for free and give us a deal on the first 6 months of service. So Helen got back on the phone with Direct TV and explained that cable was treating us so much better than they were. The person she was speaking to said she’d have to switch Helen over to the retention service department (they have a department whose sole purpose is to try to keep your services … I wonder why they need that!) at which point Helen spent the next 15 minutes on hold. What a way to entice us to stay with you!!!! The long and short of the matter is that when Direct TV finally got back on the phone, they took away the astronomical charge for a receiver and are giving us the difference in price to upgrade to High Def for free for one year. Now all we have to do is cross our fingers that they pass that information on to the billing department so we don’t get a surprise on our next bill. And I don’t say that facetiously, because the different departments don’t speak to one another at all and what one promises you doesn’t always show on the bill. As I said, fingers crossed.

In the afternoon, while Helen worked on store stuff, we tried out the new TV and DVD player with a showing of Transformers. This is a movie that I was looking forward to seeing this summer but when I saw it in the theater, I was blown away. It was so much better than I expected. So it was a great way to christen the new set. Of course, once I sat down and got comfortable, with a cat on my lap, I immediately started dozing. So, again, I watched through a haze, however, the haze is much clearer now:)

Oh, and I did get two blogs done for NaBloPoMo – one here and one on Hey Teach. They are a bit short I know, but it was Sunday, people.

*In our family, we recycle TV’s by passing them on to another family member. There is always someone who’s looking to upgrade. This last TV served us well for the past 10 years and is now going to PA to spend time with sister number 3, whose TV is much smaller so she is very excited. And her TV will migrate to the beach to replace one that was damaged during the fire.


2 Responses to “ACCOMPLISHMENTS”

  1. amanda Says:

    or maybe migrate into my bedroom….

  2. painted maypole Says:

    hand me down anything rocks… if it’s new to me I love it!enjoy your new equipment!

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