This is going to be an interesting Thanksgiving. Dad’s been defrosting the turkey since Monday PM and when he took it out of the wrapper, the stench was UNREAL! He wasn’t keeping it anyplace warm – just in the fridge so we don’t think it went bad here but it did somewhere! This will be the first time in a long time that we won’t have turkey for thanksgiving, which is too bad since we never have it otherwise (my mother does not have a happy relationship with fowl and it’s too much of a hassle to do for just two). None of the places down here have defrosted turkeys, so Dad is off to the supermarket for beef.
However, my brother (#2) is up from VA for the holiday complete with his furry traveling companions – a cat named Caspian and a new puppy named Lambeau (yes after the field – big Green Bay fans – even now he is in his Favre jersey waiting for the game to begin). Sister #3 is on her way down from PA so we’re all together except brother #3 who has to work- one of the downsides of being a bartender – people want to drink regardless of the day. However, we were to see him tomorrow with a plate of turkey (wonder if he’ll open the door if we come bearing beef – probably, he’s young and male and eats everything!)

Hope you too are with loved ones and having a ball:)


2 Responses to “HAPPY TURKEY DAY!”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    my hubby is a lion’s fan, from childhood. he is not very happy today. 😉

  2. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN Says:

    I am neither a Lions or Packers fan. I bleed Chicago Bears colors. So, I found myself grudgingly rooting for our hated rivals, the Pack, to beat the other rival, the Lions, just so my beleagured Bears MIGHT have a chance to back into the playoffs by virtue of our division teams’ losses. Sad, huh? Anyway, I really like both of your blogs. I’ve lurked for a while but finally decided to post a little comment here.

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