I just finished books 12 & 13 of the Lemony Snicket series A Series of Unfortunate Events. I was a little disappointed with them. It’s as if he just ran out of steam.
I first started reading these books when I was running Hey Teach at the flea market. We got talked into carrying books (much as we both wanted to run a bookstore, we realized that trying to compete with Borders and Barnes and Noble is suicide) by a really good salesperson – that and I’m an easy mark – who told us that the books went with the other items we were carrying so the customers would be happy to get both at the same time. Unfortunately, people shopping in a flea market are looking for bargains and we were looking to make money so we just didn’t fit. However, as I sat and waited for these customers, I would very carefully read some of the books we were carrying.
The Lemony Snicket books were great. I could get through one easily during the course of the day and it had a little more meat to it than magazine articles, etc. These books would allow me to happily pass the time between customers. And if we got a rush, I could pick it up afterwards and find my spot without any problem. The first few books were great – I got into the whole story and waited anxiously to see what happened next. Then, as the series went on, and on, and on – things became a little predictable. However, new twists were revealed so I soldiered on. When I got through the 11th book, I’d caught up to the author and had to wait for the 12th book. By then we’d moved out of the flea market and I was working full time again and we had decided definitely that we were NEVER going to try to carry books again as we were now selling them for 1/2 price and still couldn’t get rid of them. Then, the other day, while browsing the library, I saw the 12th and 13th books and figured I’d finish the series once an for all.
And now I’m done. The 12th book felt like a dictionary. If I had to read “a phrase which here means….” one more time, I might start screaming. And the 13th book didn’t answer much of anything. Or maybe it did in the long rambling paragraphs that seemed to recap the 12 previous books over and over again. By the end, I was just skimming – desperate to get to the end. Maybe it’s because there were a couple of years between reading book 11 and book 12. Or maybe I finally grew out of the series (though I doubt that – I read and enjoy just about every type of book). Whatever the reason, my final feelings were 1. Thank god I’m finally finished, and 2. I still have lots of questions. If you have 13 books, you should be able to explain everything.


  1. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    I haven’t read these books, but I’m famaliar with them because the girls have read them. I loved the movie. That baby was just tooooo cute!

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