I am loving our DVR more and more. The TV programs we watch on the major networks are including more and more commercials. We now almost never watch anything at it’s scheduled time. We “Tivo” everything and watch it afterwards so we can fast forward through the commercials. Some channels are worse than others. There are some where you get 5 minutes of programming bollowed by 4 minutes of commercials. It wouldn’t be SO bad if the commercials were any good. But they’re terrible. (I mean seriously, is there something in erectile disfunction pills that makes all men want to sit in a bathtup in the middle of nature???) And not only are they bad, but the networks repeat the same one more than once in a single commercial break. This is not to say that ALL commercials are bad … there are some that are worth stopping the fast forward and going back for … I say this as I stop for a Mac commercial:)

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