I can’t believe 10 weeks went by so quickly. There are some things you enjoy so much, you really wonder if you’ve been knocked out because so much time has passed. And then there are other times (liking watching Rescue Dawn) where all you can think is “There’s two hours I’m never getting back”. Dancing with the Stars belongs in the first category. It is one show we look forward to in our house(s) – we’ve managed to suck my mother into this as well. For those of you who don’t know the show, it takes a certain number of celebrities (some whose star is on the wane and would like to see it start rising again) and pairs them up with professional dancers. Every week, they have to perform a ballroom or Latin dance (or both) before a panel of three judges who score them with up to 10 points each, so a perfect dance can get a total of 30 points. That counts as half their total – then viewers call/log in to vote for their favorites, as the other half, and the team with the lowest total score goes home the next night.

This season was the 5th here in the US (they usually show one season in the Fall and one in the Spring) and we’ve been watching since season 2. This season started with one very strong team showing how good they were from the first night. Surprisingly, they didn’t make it to the finals. The viewers didn’t vote for them and they got eliminated around week 5. We were shocked since they were one of the best teams, but part of the show is a popularity contest and if you don’t have the viewer’s votes, you don’t’ stay.

I’m not sure what it is about this show that I find so appealing. It may be the costumes (the women wear gorgeous dresses for ballroom dances) or maybe it’s the grace and beauty of the dancing. Or maybe it’s the dancers, cause I gotta tell you – some of the male professional dancers are FUN to look at:) For whatever reason, on Monday’s I always have a happy feeling as I’m heading home from work because the dancing is on. And I tend to get very upset when our DVR acts up and deletes an episode (which has happened in the past) because we record almost everything and watch it later to fast forward through commercials.

So Monday was the final set of dancing and last night was the final eliminations. And, as usually happens, of the three final couples, the right ones got voted off first, leaving the two stronger teams for the final dance. I would have been happier with either team winning, but Helio Castroneves, and Indy 500 driver won with his professional partner Julianne Hough (who is all of 19 I think). They were so much fun to watch on and off the floor. And more power to Mel B of the Spice Girls for making it to the final two – she and Maks (one of those male dancers I mentioned earlier) were fantastic all the way through. However, she has had dancing training before, if only for her performances with the Spice Girls, and Helio really hasn’t had any so I’m glad he won.

But now it’s done and I have to wait for the next installment. Hopefully in a few months, we’ll start seeing ads for it again. Sigh….


One Response to “DANCING WITH THE STARS – Finale”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    you know, I don’t watch the show, but I watched the finale because it was on last night while I was making jewelry. The dancing really is fun to watch. i wish i could do that. I wish my husband didn’t have 2 left feet!

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