I am torn by the fact that today is the last day in November. On the one hand, I can’t believe another month has gone by so quickly, and that the countdown to Christmas is about to begin. Tomorrow, we are going to get our Christmas tree. We figure that this weekend is the only one open to decorate a tree as the next three are taken with birthdays, and then the big day is here – oh god and there is so much to get done in the next 25 days. Anyway, we’re tree shopping tomorrow. We haven’t had one in this house yet because we were so overwhelmed last year, we wound up not having one at all. We do have one we help decorate at my parent’s house but that is not til Christmas eve, and we only see it when we’re up there. I really missed having a tree and we have such beautiful ornaments, I want them showcased. In this house, we have a huge bay window in the living room that will showcase the tree beautifully. And there is wall to wall carpeting underneath so any ornaments knocked off by flying/climbing felines will have a soft cushion to land on (hopefully less breakage.)

When I come home from work, it is now pitch dark out. I hate winter:( But the nice thing is I get to see people’s houses lit up with Christmas lights and trees inside. Every day, more and more houses on my route home are decorated. I love how some overseas refer to the lights as fairy lights because that is just what they remind me of – fairies dancing over the houses and bushes. And the decorated trees through the front windows just have such a homey feel, especially if they have colored lights. For some reason, all white lights leave me cold and blue lights (which seem to be a new trend) I don’t understand at all. I like color – lots of it (literally, NO sophistication here). I miss having the tree that was decorated by a family with young children. You can always tell them – all the multitudinous non breakable ornaments are on the bottom row of branches and there may be bare spots throughout the rest of the tree, but you can just see how much fun those families had watching the youngest hang the ornaments on the lower branches. My parents never moved them from where we put them – if you had 10 on one branch, they stayed there. And since there were 6 kids, there was a period of probably close to 20 years where the tree was unbalanced.
So year moving little too quickly for me, December here, panic ensuing… On the other hand, I am very thankful that November is almost over because I took part in NaBloPoMo for the first time this year. I thought it would be a piece of cake – I was posting just about every day anyway, how hard would it be to post once a day for the entire month of November. REALLY hard, it turns out. When there was no pressure, I had lots to say. Now that I had to say something every day, every conscious, sane thought flew out of my mind the minute my keys hit the keyboard.

I would just like to say congratulations to everyone who attempted NaBloPoMo. There were days when I was trying to do it after working all day, coming home and cooking, being sleep deprived (which seems to occur when I have less than 20 hours sleep a day), and trying to keep two blogs going, and I was close to tears. I have no kids ….. I have no major catastrophes happening to me at this time … and it was getting to me. However, there were bloggers out there that kept me going. Every time I started feeling sorry for myself, I thought of Mrs. Huis over at Musings and Mutterings who did this with kids, while renovating a house, moving into said house (without water for a while), and blogging from outside sources (family for the holidays and library while her Internet connection was down). If she could finish, gol-dern-it, so could I. So THANK YOU Mrs. Huis – if I knew how to award a blogger award, I would give you one because you really inspired me:)

Anyway, it’s done and I finished and I am proud of me, dammit!

3 Responses to “THE END OF NOVEMBER”

  1. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    congratulations Mary Beth! I’ve just been whining because I can’t seem to post every other can be proud of your success:)I’ve been enjoying your last couple of posts..what fun to go to Broadway shows..sigh..

  2. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    Aw! Well, shucks! Thanks!Now that I’ve got internet here, and Mr. Kluges has actually set up our computer tonight, I hope to catch up on my own blog reading, including YOUR 30 NaBlo posts. (Because otherwise it was just his work laptop in the evenings lately.) So don’t be surprised if I end up leaving a comment or two on some old posts!And Yay! for you!!! It IS hard to be creative/witty/wordy on demand!

  3. painted maypole Says:

    proud of you, lights may come from the tradition of blue being the color of the season of advent in churches

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