We had a meeting at work yesterday. One of the things we discussed was working together collectively as an office. For example, helping each other out if someone is swamped and you are having a light day. Or the phone – if it rings more than twice, pick it up, even if it’s not specifically your job. I agree with all this.

Then there’s coffee. Some of the people in the office drink coffee and some don’t. I’m one of the don’ts. The head of the office made it clear that he thinks everyone should be ready to make coffee when asked. Luckily, he’s only asked me once and I didn’t know how to use the coffee machine so I had someone show me. I really don’t want to make it because, in part, there is a stigma attached to it in my mind. I have got too much education and have worked too hard to be thought of as a coffee girl. Also, as I don’t drink or make coffee regularly, it’s not a machine I’m used to working with. This doesn’t mean I couldn’t learn, I just choose not to.

To be fair, it’s usually the guys in the office that make the coffee because they’re the ones that drink it most. However, am I wrong in getting upset that we’re all supposed to be ready to make coffee? I wouldn’t expect anyone to make hot chocolate or tea for me. It’s my drink, I’ll make it myself. Even if we were making a pot of hot chocolate, I wouldn’t expect someone who’s not drinking it to make it. What do you think?



  1. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN Says:

    Oh my Lord. We just had that debate at work a couple of weeks ago. I’m with you completely! I’m also more bothered if it’s a man who wants me to make coffee rather than a fellow female. Can’t stand that!

  2. Ms. Huis Herself Says:

    I agree with the “help each other out” part, but not so much with the “make coffee when asked even if you don’t drink it.” I figure if the office in general is so coffee-happy, the person who pours the last cup should make the next pot right away… until it’s within an hour or half hour of quitting time. That gets those who use it to make it and there should always be coffee for those who want it.Now on to world peace! 🙂

  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    Is it too insecure as a female to say “make your own damn coffee”?

  4. tlawwife Says:

    I think that if you make it as bad as I do once they won’t ask again.

  5. painted maypole Says:

    i think it’s perfectly reasonable to say “look, I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t know how to make. You don’t want me making your coffee. I’ll make my own tea (bring my own water, mix my own martini, whatever…) and you make your own coffee”

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