Right after Halloween, I found a website called the Secret Society of Fairies where bloggers exchange gifts with each other periodically throughout the year. I thought it sounded like lots of fun, so I emailed and asked if anyone could join. They were very gracious and said that they’d love to have me take part in their Christmas exchange, as that was the next event. I got the name of my Secret Fairy and sent her package off on Monday. My lucky package got to go to London!

Yesterday, I got a package from my Secret Fairy Carol. (George decided to help open the package).It was a lovely big box from Kansas. Inside there was a home made quilt with twelve pockets. It is so beautiful:) I am a little jealous because I do not have that kind of talent. Each pocket had a present in it, wrapped in red tissue paper and tied with different colored ribbons.

My 12 gifts of Christmas include:

2 birds to hang in the window

Hot chocolate with candy cane stirrers

And a cup to have my hot chocolate in

A decorated spoon that I plan to hang on my cabinet door

Some homemade cream candy that looks yummy

A bag of peanuts

Chocolate (which is always welcomed)

A bar of homemade Raspberry Cream soap that smells wonderful (and so much posher than the bargain brand crap we usually have out)

A sheaf of wheat (Kansas is the Wheat State)

A candle that smells like Christmas trees

2 little snowman toys

And a Christmas shaped magic pad (the kind where you write a message, then lift the sheet and the words disappear).

This was such a wonderful present to get! Toys, homemade treats and a homemade quilt to hold them all, and CHOCOLATE:o) And I was thinking that my quilt would make a wonderful condo for some jellycat tots that I know (even now, they’re fighting for the ones with the good view).
A huge thank you to Carol – for giving me 12 wonderful packages to open!

Happy Holidays!

*Blog updated 12/14 to add pictures. As I was having some peanuts this morning, someone was looking in at me with such a wistful face, I had to share. He was most appreciative!

3 Responses to “I GOT A PACKAGE!!!”

  1. tlawwife Says:

    Glad you liked it. I enjoyed making it and welcome to SOSF.

  2. Beck Says:

    LUCKY!I like getting presents pretty much more than anything and those were WONDERFUL.

  3. painted maypole Says:


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