Today is birthday number 3 in the immediate family for the month of December. And the most important – Helen made me say that:)

We spent a good part of yesterday getting the abode in habitable condition so guests wouldn’t be too scared of the dust bunnies that were reaching the size of real rabbits, or the piles of books that were leaning precariously, or the detritus of our business which has a habit of encroaching on our personal space. (I laugh as I read that, since we have merchandise stored in just about every room in the house, including bedrooms) And I left the piles of books (just straightened them a little) hoping that someone will realize my need for bookcases.

After much discussion about the menu (I usually cook for her b-day), and the different palates that were coming (one won’t eat anything with tomatoes so Italian is out, and one won’t eat anything that was near fowl of any kind so all chicken dishes are out), and the food can’t be too messy because we don’t really have a big enough dining table for everyone to sit at (besides, there’s inventory on it), we decided to have finger foods. So on our travels yesterday, we stopped in at BJ’s and grabbed some stuff. Also, with the weather, we’re not sure who’s coming and who’s not. We’re all rain here with very heavy winds, and definite possibility of flooding, but we’re the coast so we’ll be the lightest. Anything farther west can be either ice or snow.

Helen got her first gift yesterday. Brother #3 mailed her three movies she wanted so, after everything was done, we had a Bourne gorge last night, watching Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. We couldn’t find our copy of the Bourne Identity (I think one of the dust bunnies is watching it) or we would have thrown that in too. There are times when it’s very nice to be the only one you’re responsible for and therefore, can have a night of rated R movies. Oh yeah, and Matt Damon😉

Have to go get ready for the party!



  1. painted maypole Says:

    i love the image of your dust bunnies watching a movie!😉

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