The weather here yesterday was very very windy, with lots of flooding. The river came halfway up the backyard and brought with it a large group of wildlife. We had the usual ducks, morning doves, sparrows,seagulls and squirrels — plus some pygmy geese, and this fine fellow.

Our local Osprey decided to stop by and visit. I think he was eyeing the squirrels who are getting very fat!

I know the osprey doesn’t seem that big but I couldn’t get any closer without him flying away. But he’s about as big as a large parrot.

The seagulls were first wading and then swimming through the yard, finding little fish and just generally having a good time. So it would seem when you have a nor-easter coming up the Branchport Creek, have a party:)

One Response to “DECEMBER WEATHER”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    cool wildlife!

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