This is my comfy chair that I use when I’m watching TV, reading a good book, or just vegging out. After everything is done and we’re relaxing in front of the TV, the only one who should be occupying it is me.

This is the chair I watched TV in last night. Guess who runs our household?


  1. clare Says:

    That looks like a familiar scene – could be in my home ; )Thank you so much for my lovely SOSF package, too.Clarexx

  2. amanda Says:

    Now there is a shock!

  3. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    You softie, you:)Your New Years eve meal sounds so wonderful! For some reason I feel hungry. Have I had breakfast? Darn, yes I have…oh well..nothing would satisfy but Italian anyway..

  4. Hey Teach! Says:

    mr a eugene says you should be happy he ALLOWS you to use HIS chair when he is not using it

  5. Jen M. Says:

    I love big comfy chairs. Your cat is very smart, indeed!Happy New Year!

  6. the dragonfly Says:

    Ha! Cats really do rule, don’t they.

  7. painted maypole Says:

    ha ha. I would have picked the cat up and put him(her?)back in my lapfor some good cuddling.your kitty looks so much like our late kitty, Mickey, it’s astonishing.

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