While visiting On Dragonfly Wings, I found out about DAY TO READ day, declared by Soccer Mom in Denial. This special day was set for yesterday and the instructions were to read a book (or magazine) during the time that you’d normally be reading blogs. Hence my post for yesterday:) Then, today, we’d all have something to blog about – the books we’d been reading. Since I need no arm twisting to read, I was all for this. As a matter of fact, I had to keep myself from going hog-wild and just reading willy-nilly throughout the whole day. The fear of having my superiors walk around the corner to find me eye-ball deep in a book about djinni activities was powerful enough to bind me to the straight and narrow for most of the day, but I broke free at lunch time.
My lunch hour is when I do most of my blog reading. I’m in an office by myself with no one looking over my shoulder, so I can run rampant through the blog world, touching base here and leaving little nuggets of wisdom there (wisdom, HA!), and I’m awake enough to retain whatever I read. When I try to do things at home after work, I’m usually 3/4 asleep and I sometimes worry what people will think of my comments when they’re in another language, unknown to most, including me. I usually manage to visit a few blogs though, before I completely pass out.

Yesterday, I spent the entire hour with Bartimaeus, reading the third book in his trilogy, Ptolemy’s Gate.

I love the cover! Having read the first book and loved it, I asked for the next two for Christmas and there they were in my wonderful box of books. I find Bartimaeus, a djinn (a kinder, more respectful name for demon) to be wonderfully amusing – smart mouthed, lazy, and sneering of the magician that binds him, but so much fun to read. Since Bartimaeus has been around for thousands of years, he has a LOT of wisdom to impart to the reader, but he doesn’t want to break the flow of the tale, so he makes the most use of footnotes. I think this is a great way to get older students used to this literary technique, before they run into them in textbooks.

So lunch was lost in the maze of London’s seamier side, and after dinner, I decided to make a quick visit to Italy, by way of Mario Batali.

I regaled (and sickened at times) Helen with recipes of all the good food I was planning to make for us. For some unknown reason, she balked at the idea of eel, frog’s legs, and rabbit. I know better than to even try lamb (she had a stuffed lamb as a child that is still a part of her entourage) and we both fell in love with the real thing while in England last year. It’s not only her – I’m not touching lamb with a ten foot pole. She wouldn’t budge for boar or stuffed turkey neck either – just no sense of adventure. Don’t you love how I’m making this out to be all her fault – without her, you KNOW I’m all over those frog’s legs (yeah right!). But I did find some really great recipes for chicken and forget about pasta! What that man can do with the noodle – YUM!

All in all, a lovely day delving into the printed page. One that I will have to do more often. Sorry, my blogworld friends – I hear the call of the magic and I can feel those lovely paper pages between my fingers – it’s just too much to bear!


3 Responses to “DAY OF READING”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    lovely. πŸ™‚and send me your address so I can send you some beads!

  2. soccer mom in denial Says:

    I just linked to this post. What a lovely description of reading.Thanks for taking part.

  3. the dragonfly Says:

    I’ve been wanting to read the Bartimaeus trilogy for awhile. Since I’m in Germany I’ll probably have to order it on Amazon, and since I have recently spent…*ducks head*…about $90 on books, I think it’ll have to wait. πŸ™‚ (In my defense, it was Christmas money I spent, money that was designated “book money” by the givers…)Glad you enjoyed Day to Read! I know I did…

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