The latest How-To Installation from the Gretel Asparagus(the grey ghost in the corner) Studios

Rated PG for some rather creative swearing and minor bloodshed (intentional – I’m not sure?)

This movie follows the antics of our heroine as she tries to put together bookcases ON HER OWN!

As a how-to vehicle, Putting Together Bookcases (PTB) is invaluable as it shows all the different mistakes one can make as they attempt home improvement. I’m not sure the audience needed to see some of the errors multiple times – the studio must have felt those were fairly important lessons to be learned.

When last we left Mary Beth, she was frustrated that, after buying 4 new bookcases (to add to the 6 already scattered around the house) she was still left with two enormous boxes, one couch and one chair stacked high with books. So Friday night, after work, she and sister #2 made an Ikea run to get two more bookcases.

Will these two be enough to fit the remaining books? Will she be able to finish the job within the time allotted? (two hours, thank you very much!!) And will she get unexpected help from her four legged friends, usually coming from the top shelf (hence the blood-letting when said feline landed on her back?) Tune in next week to see how it works out.

Monday’s Mission from Painted Maypole is to write in the form of a movie review. To see all the other contestants, go check out her blog here


5 Responses to “MONDAY MISSION – Movie Review”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    excellent. and top shelves make excellent kitty perches. 😉thanks for playing along!

  2. the dragonfly Says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever have enough shelves for my books. Unless someday I have a house with a library, with shelves built all the way up the walls and one of those cool rolling ladders…🙂

  3. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    Well, a good review of a cliff hanger! I’m waiting for the next installment:)

  4. Hey Teach! Says:

    I suppose it would have helped if sister #2 hadn’t been ill and could have helped you.

  5. ewe are here Says:

    I’m convinced that you can never have too many shelves. 🙂Great monday mission.

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