I had a post all set for today – knew what I was going to say and everything. But then, life got in the way, as it has a habit of doing. Today we went to my parent’s home to help them take down the Christmas decorations. Since we don’t decorate there until Christmas Eve, we tend to leave stuff up later. However, the tree had gotten so dry, it definitely had to come down. It took a long time but we got it all packed up and taken upstairs to the Christmas closet. Then we go to clean up the pine needles. There really wasn’t much left of the tree by the time we got it out the door … but there were an awful lot to go in the vacuum cleaner! The good news is that it will smell really nice every time you use the vacuum cleaner:)

We are finally back home to 4 happy felines who got their dinner 4 hours late! Which they have no problem letting us know! We opened the door to all of them sitting in a row, just waiting expectantly.


  1. ewe are here Says:

    snickerI see I’m not the only one who doesn’t empty out the vacuum cannister as often as I should.🙂

  2. the dragonfly Says:

    Do your cats do the “I’m dying, I can’t possibly make it all the way to the bowl because I have no energy” thing when their food is late? Our three girls are complete drama queens. 🙂

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