LOST continued….

So over the past few days, we’ve gotten caught up on the past three seasons of Lost. And we are “lost”, figuratively speaking. Man, this show just keeps coming up with new twists and turns. And there’s no end to the buildings the castaways keep finding on this island. So consider us completely and utterly hooked. And really excited about starting season 4 which is going to be “the best season of Lost EVER!”

The first two episodes are complete cop-outs – recapping seasons 1-3. Now for those new to the Lost game, these episodes were a god-send. To those who just spent the last few weeks completely and utterly engrossed in the series, they were complete crap! And does anyone else feel that the writer’s strike affected these first couple of episodes before the writers even walked? The writing just doesn’t seem as tight or as exciting as before. But that might have something to do with the fact that the episode is interrupted every 5 minutes for advertising. I have to tell you, this whole watching shows with commercials just blows! We’ve gotten completely spoiled by watching on video where it just goes to black for a second, and then back to the show. We have watched all the current (2) episodes so far from TIVO so we haven’t had to deal with the commercials completely. We just fast forward through them. But it’s still a nuisance and it breaks the flow of the show. Also, has anyone else noticed that the networks are getting very greedy for advertising dollars during their most popular shows? We noticed it first during the second season of Desperate Housewives. The show did so well the first season that they took full advantage the second season. You would get 12-15 minutes of uninterrupted show, then 5 minutes of commercials, 3 minutes of show, 5 minutes of ads, and so on. ABC is the most egregious as far as I’m concerned. And Lost must be a mint for them – print your own money people! We noticed it on the DVD’s – where-as the first and second season episodes lasted @50 minutes, the third barely lasted 40. That’s just criminal! I hope the Neilson outfit never wants to have my TV register the shows it watches, because from now on, I’m TIVO’ing everything important and watching it with the power of fast forward!

However, as far as Lost is concerned, I will keep watching and tearing my hair out, because now I really want to know who the Oceanic 6 are! And who the hell is in the coffin????


3 Responses to “LOST continued….”

  1. the dragonfly Says:

    Honestly, I’m just thankful I get to watch season four at all. I only have to wait four days after you get an episode to watch the same one. Woo hoo! Often shows here are far, far behind…

  2. Family Adventure Says:

    The commercial stuff drives me CRAZY, too. Here in Norway, we do not have to deal with the commercials, but I’m sure it’ll be a pain in the b&** when we come back to Canada. Which is why I’ve ordered the DVR already.And I agree with your assessment of the first couple of Lost episodes. Except I couldn’t figure out whether, in the last episode, the new cast members hearing about the found airplane in the ocean was a flash forward or a flash back from being on the island? was it clear to you? Heidi

  3. Beck Says:

    We think Sawyer must be in the coffin, because who else would have no friends or family at their funeral?

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