Someone asked me what my favorite book is, but I can’t bring it down to just one book. Everytime I think I have the answer, another one pops in my mind and I change my choice. I can’t even pick my favorite author at this point. One way I define a favorite is that I can re-read them numerous times, and never get tired of them. There’s Dick Francis who still manages to bring out a book every year for my birthday. And CS Lewis whom I am re-reading to get ready for the movie coming out soon. And Mary Stewart – My Brother Michael and Touch Not the Cat ? What’s not to love. Agatha Christie – some of her books have been read so many times, the spines are gone and the pages falling out.

However, since I just finished Brat Farrar, I’ve been thinking a lot about Josephine Tey. She only wrote 8 books but they are all wonderful. I was first introduced to her Inspector Grant character when I was a Junior in college and studying the Tudors and the Stewarts. Amidst all the dry (and oh so boring) reading we had to do, my professor included The Daughter of Time in which the above mentioned inspector re-investigates the murder of the Princes in the Tower by Richard III. It really gave me a new perspective on that piece of history.

Have you read any of Tey’s work? Which one is your favorite?


4 Responses to “SO MANY FAVORITES…..”

  1. the dragonfly Says:

    I’ve never read Tey.My very favorite book is <>The Giver<> by Lois Lowry.A very close second is <>The Book Thief<> by Markus Zusak.I’m very fond of Tamora Pierce. Her first quartet is about a girl who wants to be a knight instead of a “lady”, so she disguises herself as a boy. Her books are full of magic, romance, danger, and lots of fun. I devour them all…Another favorite author is Garth Nix. (The Abhorsen trilogy and the Keys to the Kingdom series) He turns ideas about magic upside-down. Waiting with bated breath for the last two Keys to the Kingdom..Okay, enough rambling for now. Maybe you’ll find something in there. šŸ™‚

  2. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    Your favorites are my favorites and I always turn to them if I’m at loose ends for something to read! I happened to pick up Nerve, DF’s first book the year he wrote it and have waited with bated breath for the new one every year since! That was roughly 1966 or 67 I think. I gave Mary Stewart’s Airs Above the Ground to my Granddaughter for Christmas this year and could quote the first line of the book for her not having reread it for a number of years.I continously reread Agatha Christie..BUT I have never read Josephine Tey!Needless to say, my next stop is the library to place some Tey on hold..thanks MB:)I also love Ruth Rendall’s Inspector Wexford series. I like her other books, but I adore Wexford.

  3. painted maypole Says:

    of all those books you’ve mentioned i’ve only ever read any by CS Lewis

  4. Hey Teach! Says:

    Being the other side of your brain, I am as undecided as you as to which is my favorite book of all time. How can you possibly answer that question. So, I’ll just leave it as whatever the last great book I read. Which today will be a three or four or five fold answer šŸ™‚ Water for Elephants, A Rose for the Crown and the first brings me to Modoc, which of course brings me to Marley. Oh, hell I’d better stop or I’ll be here all day and November invoices will never get done!

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