Dear Members of the Packing Committee,

I can’t believe I won the Most Creative Packing Award. This is not something I aspire to – I really like clean, neat packages. This …

packs up into this….

This desire for neatness and order is odd, considering the rest of my life. You rarely get to see anything of my home because I am horribly embarrased by its shabby state, even to the point of not letting complete strangers, whom I will probably never meet face-to-face, see the inside of it. But it is a lived-in house and one in which I am very comfortable. As are the dust bunnies, although they are lobbying for more space and more TV time. But that’s another post.

But when it comes to packing the items we mail from Hey Teach, my OCD kicks in and I need to have the packages as neat and squared off as possible. This is not always (usually) possible, seeing what we ship. Consider the following 4 entries, all worthy in their own right.

Entry #1 – The Olivia Package ….

Here’s what is actually in the envelope, other than a weapon, that is ….

plus a couple of sets of invitations and thank you cards. That’s what I get when I put more than one item in a package.

Entry #2, our Band in a Box shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Nicely symmetrical – clean edges.

And the final package isn’t too bad. At least it looks like a recognizable shape.

Why don’t you just put it into a box, you ask? Well, everytime you add packing materials, you add weight to the package and boxes tend to be heavy. Especially ones this size. And this Band in a Box is going to Brazil, thank you very much:-) The band by itself is 3 1/2 pounds and once you add a box, you’re over 4 pounds which puts it out of First Class International and into Priority International. And also jumps the price from $25 to $37. Quite a difference for 8 ounces. And one that will turn off buyers. So we make do with plastic envelopes and lots and lots of bubble wrap, which protects well and weighs next to nothing.

Entry #3 is one of my favorites, and one of our more beautiful items – The Fairy Boat Lunchbox.

The colors are just so pretty! Anyway, with packing it looks something like this ….

all bulked up – not on steroids but on bubble wrap – an equally addictive substance!

Finally, entry #4, The Seuss Package. Can you imagine getting these …

into one package? With a lot of ingenuity and quite a lot of cursing, not to mention tons of tape, I wound up with this….

I’m actually quite proud of that one.

Yes, this is the exciting way I spend my Sundays. 3-4 hours packing up everything people buy over the weekend, ready to mail out on Monday. Helen is busy creating labels and buying postage online, so when she goes to the post office, she can just dump the packages and go (except for international packages – those we have to pay at the post office.) She strikes fear into the postal customers every time she walks into the place – they are sure she will be hours and they rush to get in front of her in line. 9 times out of 10, she is in and out faster than they are. And just in case you’re thinking poor little ol’ me, having to spend this time packing, Helen does it the other 5 days during the week, all by herself. So poor ol’ her;-)

So thank you again for bestowing me with such an honor. I send out props to all those nominated. But in yo’ faces, sucka’s, cuz this one’s MINE!

What? There’s more to do? For the love of God, people! Stop buying stuff! (Actually, please don’t – we have starving dust bunnies that demand a lot of food!) So keep shopping at Hey Teach and give me something worthwhile to do with my Sundays! We’ll keep shipping, and who knows, maybe Helen will get the creative packing award next!


This week’s Monday Mission is to write a post in the form of an acceptance letter. If you want to check out the other (far less creatively wrapped) entries, head on over to Painted Maypole and see who’s getting what!


3 Responses to “AND THE AWARD GOES TO ….”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    excellently done, and informative. thanks for playing!

  2. Family Adventure Says:


  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    very creative, though not sure i can actually see you saying “in yo face suckas” with a straight face…and trust me everyone, the ocd for packaging is not a joke…sometimes she gets them so beautiful and symmetrical and small that i can’t fit the label on because it’s too big, but the package is beautiful..

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