Wind, Rain, Fog ….. March!

Oh, and it’s 55 degrees:)

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8 Responses to “Wind, Rain, Fog ….. March!”

  1. Small City Scenes Says:

    Hello!My name is Marybeth also. How can that be? I posted a water scene also. MB

  2. the dragonfly Says:

    Oh, pretty!! I so miss the water…I hope I’m lucky enough to live on a coast someday…

  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    i see this picture with the flag in the gloom, as a harbinger of things to come for poor Mets fans

  4. Neen Says:

    Looks a lot colder than that.

  5. The Mama Bear Says:

    Another testament to the weather….I cannot wait for something other than gloom and snow here. Nice WW!

  6. amanda Says:

    that poor mets flag!

  7. Beck Says:

    Oh, I wish. It was -25 today.

  8. Family Adventure Says:

    It looks cold!! ­čÖéHeidi

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