Welcome to the G Family home tour. My name is Angela Dustbunny and I will be your tour leader for today. Okay – everyone ready? Wait, is that someone trying to get in? Quick, pull him under the door. Right – here we go. As you know, this house holds two Legs Like Tree Trunks (LLTT’s) or as they like to call themselves, humans, hee hee. Anyway, they are in and out and for the most part, leave us alone. Most of the dustbunnies who live and work in this household were created from one or more of the four fur-balls (FB’s) who also share this abode. Again, they usually give us plenty of room. However, if they are feeling frisky, watch out. They are known to stop, drop and roll at a moment’s notice, with little or no regard for dustbunnies that may be in the area.

Here we go – First stop is the mountain (stairs).

Most of us were born on the first level of this building, but some have come from the top of the mountain, blown by the wind or carried on a stray shoe. No dustbunny in living memory has climbed up the mountain, but many have tried.

Here at the bottom of the moutain is the wall of statues. Dustbunny children love to play hide-n-seek in the bases of the statues. Is that one there now? Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to keep a tighter rein on your son. When the LLTT’s see us among the bases, they bring out the monster that roars and sucks up anybunny careless enough to be caught. So, unless you all want to be sucked into the void, keep your younguns close!

Back to the statues. Some of the more daring young bunnies try to climb the statues, but usually get sucked into the large black roaring snake (vacuum cleaner hose).

As many of you know, we’ve been lobbying for more TV time. The LLTT’s have not been cooperative so we took matters into our own hands, as it were. We decided to sabotage one of their favorite machines, the one that provides the hot water for them.

Isn’t it magnificent? Well, it should be! That’s the new one. We did such a good job, we DESTROYED the old one!

Many brave souls gave their lives to block the venty things, causing it to EXPLODE! (LLTT voice of reason – the dust bunnies did not cause the old heater to explode. The bottom eroded and caused a leak. But don’t tell them – they’re so proud of their destructive qualities – we’re trying not to crush their enthusiasm)

As I was saying, we did such a good job, the heater dripped all night and destroyed the rug in their TV watching room. There is a slight drawback to our plan – before we had a soft rug to relax in while watching TV. Now we’re stuck on the cold cement floor. And those horrible LLTT’s say that it’s all our fault and they won’t put down blankets or anything for us.

Oh God, remember the FB’s I told you about – here comes the orange one. RUN everybunny! It’s everybunny for himself when the FB’s come around!

I regret to say that this tour ended in chaos – several dust bunnies were trampled in the melee and the remainder were either crushed by Gorgeous George or sucked into the loud roaring monster. Alas…

This week’s Monday Mission was to write in the voice of a household object. Since the dust bunnies abound in the G family home, it seemed appropriate to give them a chance to speak up. If you want to see the other highly amusing entries, head on over to Painted Maypole. And who knows, you might want to play along!


8 Responses to “THE TOUR”

  1. SusieJ Says:

    Thank you for the lovely tour!

  2. amanda Says:

    Watch out dust bunnies- easter is coming and those tree trunks might get a notion to clean before they are invaded for the fantasy bb festivities 🙂 (or are we doing it at the rents?)

  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    Very creative and maybe a little TMI for the outside world to know that we are, alas, SLOBS!

  4. Melissa Says:

    I almost did the dust bunnies myself, but I figured that it was indeed TMI.But yours was fun!

  5. ~ T ~ Says:

    this is HYSTERICAL!thanks for the great laugh, well done!

  6. painted maypole Says:

    this was a riot!and what is that cool thing in your house that looks like a tree trunk with a face?

  7. the dragonfly Says:

    Too funny!I wanted to do the monday mission this week…but I’m not doing well. Bad week/month/etc as far as my health and sanity go..

  8. PG Says:

    🙂 the dust bunnies have a far easier time in our cottage I am sad to say…

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