Most days, I spend my time looking at this ……

and this (sorry for the blurry screens)….. But every now and then, I get to go on a field trip. Yesterday, they let me loose on the Union County College project in Elizabeth, NJ. We’re one of the subs building the new classroom building.This is still in the very beginning stages – they’ve put together the metal girders and have poured the concrete for the base. To get up and in to look around, you have to climb a wall about 5 feet tall. To the guys I was with (tall and athletic), this was a piece of cake – they basically stepped up onto the wall. For me (short and decidedly UNathletic), this was an impossibility. We found a spot that had a rim that I could use as a step, so one gallant gentleman leant down and gave me his hand to help pull me up. The “step” was made of fiberglass and disintegrated underneath me, bruising the hell out of my shin in the process and almost pulling him off the building. Determined not to be a “girl”, I did not cry in front of them, but rather limped off to find another way into the building. I found a plank leaning up against the concrete which I managed to get up, salvaging the one remaining shred of my dignity. As you can see, they haven’t even poured the concrete for the floors yet.

You’re basically walking on corrugate metal and wire grid. The grid adds an extra layer of fun when the heel of your boot (low, hiking boots – I’m not a complete moron) gets stuck. I stayed upright, somehow. Then the gents decided to explore other floors. Here they are welding together the stairs to the 2nd floor so that access was denied.

But the basement was still a possibility, if you wanted to go down this graded slope. Knowing how truly graceful I can be, I stayed on the first floor as they went to explore.

When they were finished, we went to the on-site meeting that erupted into a shouting match between the subs as to who gets to go first with their respective work. Such fun:) But very informative! And since we pretty much go last, we got to sit at the end of the table and look like the responsible adults;-)
I will get the hang of this, and I have determined that if I am ever to be running a job site, I’m going to have to do something to get a little better coordinated. Cause right now, I’m a walking accident just waiting to happen.


2 Responses to “FIELD TRIP”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    ok you’re description of the grade to the basement did not do it justice…how the hell did they get down and more importantly back up?

  2. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    It all looks scary to me! I think you’re brave just to go in there in the first place:) Hope your bumped shin is ok.

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