Just a very short post since I spent all my lunch reading other people’s blogs instead of writing my own! We had a full house last night – 8 people, 2 dogs and 4 cats, although the felines didn’t stick around to socialize, other than walking by and spitting at everyone in the kitchen area. My mom brought Dickon …

seen here with one of his new Easter toys. He had a ball until Brother #4 showed up with his dog Lambeau. This is Lambeau when he first came home. This is Lambeau now, 4 months later.

The dog is huge! He came in, knocked over the garbage can, stepped in the water bowl and knocked that over, almost took out an ashtray with his tail, and went back out to the back yard. We had carefully laid out rugs on the floor, stupidly thinking the dogs might want to relax while we socialized. Yeah – Lambeau did not sit or lay down once in the 6 hours he was at our house. The dog never stopped moving! Dickon took one look at him and ran screaming (and yes, I do mean screaming) for the most enclosed area he could find. If he was stuck out in the open, he ran to one of his protectors and practically climbed their legs to get as high off the ground as possible. Lambeau was not trying to hurt him at all – just play … and sniff – the dog’s a perv! But all in friendship! Dickon is just not used to other dogs, especially ones that are 5 times bigger than he is. I do have to say he was very, very brave when Lambeau was outside and he was inside. That pane of glass turned him into a lion!

We spent most of the night picking our fantasy baseball teams. We face off against each other for the season and we have a trophy that goes to the winner at the end. Maybe this is my year since I have an okay team – lousy on pitching but okay in the field. We’ll see!
Oh and over the weekend we watched Georgetown, Duke and UConn destroy the hopes and dreams of many of the contestants in our March Madness pool. All I can say is Go Texas!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your families and if you celebrate Easter, that yours was as good as mine!

4 Responses to “”

  1. SusieJ Says:

    I miss our dog, and I love your Lambeau… they grow so fast.

  2. Beck Says:

    My parents got a tiny little puppy at Christmas, which is now the size of a coffee table. Perhaps she’s related to your dog.

  3. sheoflittlebrain Says:

    It’s wonderful to read about your close knit family and to see your pictures. The squirrel feeding looks like a riot!Poor Dickon! Lambeau is right at that rough and tumble stage too:)I long for another dog, but it’s not to be because of my allergies:(

  4. Nancy Lindquist-Liedel Says:

    I came to look at your Wordless Wednesday, but the corgi of cute caught my eye and pretty soon I was reading all about the zoo at your house. HOW NEAT!!

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