1. We recently got some books from Amazon (love them!) and two of them were Spenser mysteries by Robert Parker. For those who don’t know him, Spenser is a wise-cracking detective out of Boston. We don’t have many of the books by Parker (which we realized when we finally got our books organized) but I’ve read just about every one of his Spenser books, some many times. These are the types of books I consider old friends. Picking one up gives me the same warm feeling of comfort as slipping on an old sweatshirt when it starts getting chilly. I whipped through both the new books in a few days and have made a vow to start checking for more. NEED MORE SPENSER:)
  2. I have a ton of things that I do at work. I realize that none of it is earth-shatteringly important but most of it gives me a sense of satisfaction when I finish a project. One that doesn’t (mainly because the stuff never ends) is scanning paperwork into an online filing system and indexing it to the correct “folders.” Every piece of paper that passes my desk is supposed to be scanned, indexed and filed. I work with 4 project managers so A LOT of paper passes my desk. It’s boring and there are times where I mutter to myself “I didn’t pay to get a frickin‘ master’s degree for this!” But then, sanity returns and I know that if I stayed in the education profession, my Master’s might mean something. In construction, other than showing that I’m reasonably intelligent and I can follow through on something I start, it’s not really worth that much.
  3. Coming from the education profession, I feel like a fish out of water most days at work. However, I’m learning some really cool things and finding that I like this new career quite a bit. There are days, though, when I wish I had decided to do this a little sooner.
  4. Dancing with the Stars started up again. As Helen said, it’s not going to change the world (regardless of what Steve Guttenberg says – he’s just high from all the plastic surgery he’s had done) but we get so excited on Monday and Tuesday nights because we have something we really enjoy waiting for us.
  5. My brother recorded the first two seasons of BBC’s Robin Hood for me. I get so wrapped up in it, I’m dreaming of Sherwood Forest. If there were a chance that he was waiting for me there, trust me I’d be on the next plane. I need a set of ruby slippers that will take me where I will.
  6. I really think I have ADD sometimes. I can hear my father and my sister saying “FOCUS”. I just realized I didn’t finish my though from point # 2 because another thought popped into my head.
  7. Anyway, to get back to point #2, I have been coming in on Saturdays to try to get caught up with the stupid scanning/indexing. When I mentioned this at the weekly Project Manager meeting, the guys were absolutely flabbergasted. I have been sternly told NOT to do that anymore. Having the work not get done will show that I have much to do and there are others in the office, who will not be pleased to learn this, who will have to pick up the slack, since they are less than useless at other things. While I am delighted at the thought of not having to scan, I am the one that really got this program up and running for this office and there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to give it up (a very small part). I don’t want anyone else mucking up what I took a lot of care to set up. How warped am I?
  8. I am now 15 minutes over my lunch hour so I have to get back to work! Otherwise, I won’t have a job to come back to on Monday.
  9. One last thought – I’m second in our March Madness pool (yay me who knows squat about college basketball) and if Texas keeps going, I may win the whole thing. Hee Hee!

3 Responses to “BITS AND PIECES”

  1. the dragonfly Says:

    I’m enjoying <>Dancing with the Stars<> too. Except here it’s Tuesdays and Wednesdays…so please don’t give anything away! 😉I’ve been thinking of getting <>Robin Hood<> on Netflix. I take it you’d recommend it?Oh, and I have books like that, the “old friends” type books. When the Sergeant leaves I’ll take comfort in them. Does that sound dumb? I’ve been trying to decide which series to read. The one I really want to read, unfortunately, is in Michigan at my parents’ house. (I just couldn’t let the books I didn’t bring to Germany sit in storage somewhere, so my parents let me store them there, in my old bedroom. 🙂Wow, I’m rambling…

  2. painted maypole Says:

    catching up… loving the cute animal pics, and this “bits and pieces” phrase is very english. i named one of the drawers in MQ’s art cart “bits and pieces” and my visiting brother said “you must have done that after our england trip.” indeed I did.

  3. Family Adventure Says:

    I’m with you on the DWTS, too. Love it. It’s happy, upbeat and fun. Except that certain contestants this year look a little scary, don’t you think? Too much work done…Heidi

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