Yesterday was opening day for baseball. Since we’re all baseball freaks in my family (Easter was spent picking our fantasy BB teams), we got almost everyone together for our opening day festivities. Only Sister #3 couldn’t come because she had to work and go to school last night. Since we are tremendously proud of her going for her BSN and working full time plus as an RN, we didn’t want to tempt her too much by begging her to come play with us. So we were left with 7 adults, 4 felines who spent the day sulking, and 3 canines who spent most of the day outside (much the the relief of the aforementioned felines). Here are two of the cats relaxing before the onslaught ….

Even though we’re pretty much all Mets fans,

we still wanted to see how the Yankee fans greeted their new manager and their resident bad boy (Andy Pettit – bad boy – yeah right:})but the Yankees cancelled their game due to inclement weather. It wasn’t doing much more than misting by us in NJ but I guess it was a little heavier rain in the Bronx. I felt so sorry for all those fans who took the day off from work to go to opening day…. only to have the game cancelled. But we did get to see a lot of the Detroit Tiger game, some of the Orioles, we touched base with the Dodgers, and then went full force with the Mets at 4:30 PM.

One of the best parts of the day was watching the three gents get along in the backyard. Morgun, the Cairn on the left is 8 years old. Lambeau, the Yellow Lab/Sharpei mix in the middle is about 10 months old. And Dickon, the Welsh Corgi on the right, is 4 months old.

The last time Dickon and Lambeau met, only a week ago, Dickon spent the time cowering under anything small enough to hide him and not let Lambeau near. That or quivering in someone’s arms. What a difference a week makes … after only a few minutes, they were running and playing together. We got a little worried when Lambeau put Dickon’s entire head in his mouth, but again, just playing. Then Morgun arrived. He has diabetes and is completely blind, and is cranky as all get out. But the minute he hit that yard, he was barking and whipping the others into shape. He couldn’t see any of them but he was following by smell or sound cause he stayed right on their tails. The three had such a great afternoon and we sent them home exhausted! All three left, sacked out on various back seats, heading for homes near (Montclair, NJ) and far (Arlington, VA). Man, I am so ready for a dog!

The humans had a pretty good time too. We grilled hot dogs, made pasta salad, and had apple cake because I just couldn’t bring myself to make a true pie. Besides, brother #1 raved so much about the apple cake I made for Easter, I had to make it again. And all three brothers were very gratifying as the smells started spreading through the house. One was practically drooling. I have to say, I’ve got a pretty good family – think I’ll have to keep them dogs and all:}


2 Responses to “OPENING DAY”

  1. Family Adventure Says:

    Yeah for a great day with the family. So funny that the dogs are now BFF 🙂Heidi

  2. the dragonfly Says:

    I really miss getting together with my whole family. They’re so far away! And now with the Sergeant in the Middle East…*sigh*

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