Yesterday was pretty much a miserable day. I went to work because I thought it would be better to follow my usual routine as much as possible. Several of the guys I work with tried joking with me, asking if I was sulking because my #2 pitcher (Pedro Martinez) got hurt during his first regular game. I responded by tearing up which just put them at complete ease, let me tell you. When I explained what we had been doing the night before, they understood and were so supportive. However, they gave me wide berth for the rest of the day which was fine with me – I was a mess. As it got closer to end of day, I kept looking at my screensaver (see below)

and thinking that what we really needed was a dose of Dickon to cheer us up. (I’m really not trying to be pretentious and refer to myself in the third person – I’m including Helen in all this). Because where ever Dickon is, my mother is. Anyway, as I drove up to the house, there was my mother’s white car sitting out front, almost as if she had heard my needs.

I don’t know if it is the same with you, but when the chips are REALLY down, I can usually hold everything together until I hear my mother’s voice and then I fall apart completely. I think it is the fact that when I see or hear her, I know everything will be okay. She will take care of me. She will make it all okay. Helen and Amanda are the same for me – they are my rocks and when I am hurt or destroyed by someone/something, all three have the ability to pick me up and help me face whatever is wrong … to make me whole again. I am so, so lucky to have them (even though one insists on living in the state of PA and therefore 2 hours away). We don’t say it enough to each other but I love them very much and do not take them for granted, regardless of how I may act while I am PMSing.

Oh, and they all like and are very appreciative of my cooking which endears them to me even more.


3 Responses to “SAFETY”

  1. Family Adventure Says:

    Sorry for your rough day, and thank goodness your mother showed up…there’s support in numbers.Hugs to you!!Heidi

  2. amanda Says:

    right back at ya baby- Oh and am so the same with the little woman 😦

  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    Love you too and could never have gotten through Tuesday without you.

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