You’re invited to a Spring Garden Shower
Place: The Riverside Cafe
Time: Anytime before June 20, 2008
Given for: The Wildlife that Frequent the Cafe
Entertainment by: The cardinals newly returned from their sojourn to the south.

Pictures by Helen

Come help us plant our Spring Garden. Bring your gardening tools. We’re planning to plant hide bulbs for the Squirrels to find and sunflower seeds for the ducks to dig up. And hopefully, we’ll be able to coax the butterfly bush to bloom. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the Night Heron or the elusive Kingfisher.
Make our yard a beautiful stopping place for all the local wildlife (except the outside cats – they’re troublemakers and they’re not allowed)
This has been my very brief entry for the Monday Mission – to write in the form of a Shower invitation. To see more, head on over to our fearless leader Painted Maypole.

5 Responses to “SPRING GARDEN SHOWER – Monday Mission”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    Very good idea and viable since we need all the help we can get considering how much we have accomplished so far! Beautiful pictures if I do say so myself.

  2. amanda Says:

    love the pics

  3. the dragonfly Says:

    That’s a great idea! And I look forward to seeing pictures of the finished product…🙂

  4. painted maypole Says:

    fun. and good job making it go all the way to the official last day of spring, which just happens to be my birthday! 😉

  5. Family Adventure Says:

    I LOVE IT! Mission accomplished with excellent results! 🙂Heidi

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