The ceremony went on for an unrelenting 5 hours. “It was just digging” a spectator reported. “Just digging here, digging there – no one knew exactly where to dig.” But everyone knew what they were looking for! The dreaded Red Sox shirt that the nefarious criminal had hidden deep (okay 2 feet down, but that was deep enough) within the foundation of the new Yankee Stadium. The perpetrator, resplendent in jail-house orange, was present, as were several of his peers dressed in the delicate blue preferred by members of the NYPD. Also in attendance, in pin stripes of course, were several high ranking members of the Yankee organization, who periodically spat curses at the felon, trying to make him break his silence and tell exactly where he had buried the David Ortiz shirt that he hoped would curse the Bronx Bombers for the next 86 years. In the crowd outside, rabid Red Sox fans booed and heckled the Yankee team and organization, taunting among other things, their collective manhood – or girlhood as the Boston fans implied the team might be letting the thought of a curse get to them. But justice prevailed and the jersey was recovered, a little worse for wear, but still recognizable.

On a side note, David Ortiz broke out of his batting slump on Saturday and proceeded to crush all opposing pitchers, especially Yankee pitchers, for the rest of the season.

This week’s Monday Mission was to blog in the (oh so vague) format of a bridal report to a local newspaper. What’s that at the bottom of the hole they just dug? Why, those are the remains of my dreams of becoming the editor of the lifestyles section of the local paper, dashed to pieces, sob.

The above is basically a true story – the Yankees are buiding a new stadium and one of the workers (who I believe worked there for a DAY) was a Boston Red Sox fan and thought it would be amusing the bury a team shirt in the foundation of the building. The Yankees first laughed it off to the press as a late April Fools joke when it was first reported on Friday. However, yesterday, the General Contractor and some of the Yankee brass finished digging the shirt out of 2 feet of concrete. The police are not involved yet and no charges have been brought against the worker, who has been identified by his Boston accent and the fact that he worked there for one friggin’ day! (no … just kidding about that). Hardly anyone other than the press were there – however, the Yankees made damn sure the press was invited to see them rid the stadium of even the spectre of a curse.

To see others who did a much better job at this mission, head on over to Painted Maypole.


5 Responses to “MONDAY MISSION”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    this was fun (and what a story!) what i love about the mission is seeing what other people do with it. Every participant always gets an A+ in my book. Job well done! 🙂

  2. Hey Teach! Says:

    one of the more ridiculous Yankee moments…

  3. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN Says:

    Belov-Ed is a Yankees fan and was in absolute turmoil this past weekend because of this story and because he couldn’t watch the games against the Red Sox. He was in an awful mood about it. But, I found it kind of hilarious though. Of course, I probably wouldn’t think so if someone did that to my Cubbies…oh wait, we have more than our share of curses already. Never mind then!

  4. Family Adventure Says:

    That is hilarious!!! 🙂Heidi

  5. the dragonfly Says:

    Wild. The things people do…

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