Andrew Lloyd Weber seems to be popping up in my life recently. The American Idol finalists murdered several of his songs two weeks ago. While I’m a big fan of Jason Castro, I seriously didn’t think there was anyone who didn’t know that Memory came from Cats. Ah, the joys of being young and ignorant:)

And my green eyed monster reared his ugly head when I read that Family Adventure went to see Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, in London, no less. Joseph is one of my favorite Webber musicals. Growing up, we considered Hairy Ishmaelite an appropriate curse with just the right amount of scorn without upsetting the parents. Now all we need to do is quote one of the songs and anyone in the family can pick it up.

I finally got to see Phantom of the Opera a few years ago when we took my mother for her birthday. What they did with the stage production was phenomenal. And of course, the music was unbelievable. And then there’s Cats and Starlight Express (I get goosebumps from some of that music) and the list goes on. By the way, does anyone else think Webber looks a little bit like a cat?

Excuse me, I think I need to go load my ipod!

4 Responses to “ANDREW LLOYD WEBER”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    i don’t watch AI, but i noticed on several blogs that people sang songs from shows of his I’ve never heard of, which I didn’t think possible. I mean, I have the Aspects of Love soundtrack, people! (and seriously, the guy who sang memory didn’t know it was from cats? has he not at least heard of GOOGLE, so as not to make an @ss of himself on television?)

  2. Family Adventure Says:

    “The phaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is here….”Love that soundtrack!And yes, ALW does look a little bit feline-ish, now that you mention it 🙂Heidi

  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    When I think of all the possibilities the idiots on Idol had vs what they chose, it was criminal.

  4. the dragonfly Says:

    I saw Phantom in Toronto with my mom and cousin…I’ll never, ever forget. We had the most amazing seats (front/center of the first balcony), it felt like the show was performed just for us.

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