Heads or Tails – MOTHER

Since Helen and I share a mother, and because she posted before me, basically everything I would have said about my mother is on her blog. So I’ll share a couple of fast memories about my mother.
She taught me how to read and to appreciate good stories by reading to us from the very beginning. And she didn’t read just picture books – she read us The Wind in the Willows and Treasure Island and introduced us to great literature.
She taught me how to bake (not to cook because she hates cooking and turned that chore over to my father as soon as she could) and together we made castle cakes.
She taught me to laugh, especially at myself. When I was in 8th grade, she dropped we three girls (Helen, Amanda & me) off a few blocks from school so she could continue and drop my older brother at his school. My two younger brothers were in the way back of the station wagon and I turned to wave to them as I was walking, and walked right into a lightpole. I hit that thing so hard it rang. And my mother nearly drove up on the curb, she was laughing so hard. (I might add my family still brings that episode up when they need a good laugh.)
She taught me how to have fun. The summer I was 16, we got to stay at the beach for the entire summer because I had a job down at the shore. At the end of the summer, I came home to my mother, my two sisters, the dog, my two younger brothers, and a cousin lying in the driveway of the beach house. They had drunk the “Kool Aid” (in our case, 5 Alive) so they wouldn’t have to leave the beach. To some, this is in horribly bad taste. To us, it’s hysterical. Especially the dog. They could barely keep themselves from laughing as they saw me ride up.
She taught me how to be strong and to know that I don’t need anyone else to make it in this world.
This is my mother …. me except a few years older.

This week’s prompt from Heads or Tails is Mother. Check out the other blogs memorializing their mothers here.


5 Responses to “Heads or Tails – MOTHER”

  1. Inspiration Alley Says:

    Sounds like you have a really great mother, who taught you all the most important things in life. Fabulous tribute.

  2. Hey Teach! Says:

    the light pole makes me laugh almost as hard as when we got your finger stuck in the gas pump…i almost choked on my dinner, which you know since you sat there and did nothing while i laughed myself silly all over again

  3. Skittles Says:

    She sounds like the mother we all would have liked to have had.. or to have become. 🙂

  4. Family Adventure Says:

    Hope your mother reads this one! Very sweet – and funny!Heidi

  5. the dragonfly Says:

    I hope that someday my son can say things like this about me…

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