A Different World

I attended a foreman’s meeting yesterday with all the carpenter foremen we have on our jobs in Northern NJ. Also in attendance were two estimators, (who basically “guess” how much a job will cost to complete, but with fancy computer programs so the estimate is usually right on), the project managers, and the VP of this office. After 1.5 hours of talk, we adjourned to the restaurant next door for dinner. There 16 men and me shared a meal and chatted. Well, they chatted and I listened and tried to decode what the hell they were talking about. They did not exclude me from the conversation at all and when, infrequently, I recognized a word, I threw my two cents worth in. I am learning this new language but it is a slow process. J beads and lightgage framing and acoustical ceilings.
On the drive home I started thinking what the conversation would have been like if it had been in my comfort zone. Richard III, the Boleyns (hell, I’ll take on any of the wives of Henry VIII), Dancing with the Stars, knitting, the King Tut exhibit, baking. I can even do a fairly mean thowdown on Lost. It really is like we’re in two different worlds. However, even with the language barrier, I had a really good time. Oh, and I had a killer Chicken Grille that was divine:)
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3 Responses to “A Different World”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    I would have loved to see all the manly men faces if you just piped in with the fact that you are almost done knitting your sweater!

  2. the dragonfly Says:

    I have very often felt like that since the Sergeant enlisted in the Army. The talk is all acronyms…so it feels like alphabet soup. But I’m getting better!🙂

  3. Family Adventure Says:

    Ha! That is funny! I love the way you tried to understand instead of just withdrawing. In a few weeks’ time, you’ll be fluent.Heidi

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