Weekend’s Activities

This weekend passed in a blur. Saturday, after much shopping, we started digging a new flower bed in the middle of the yard. After a ton of work, it resembles nothing so much as a grave. Lovely centerpiece, don’t you think, for Mother’s Day?

However, picture Gladioli blooming over the right 2/3’s of the picture and Dahlia’s on the left and, hopefully, that will be what we see in a few weeks. After digging up that hole, we lugged several zillion kitchen garbage bags of sod and weed to the curb. And then we collapsed, having done more work in the past 3 1/2 hours than we did all winter, it seems.

Sunday, we had visitors. Sister #3 came first with her Fudge Cake Cupcakes and then, while we were waiting for the rest to arrive, we saw two geese go swimming by with several goslings between them. Hopefully you can just make out (by my less than artistic arrow) the babies. I’m so happy we have some this year – last year, nothing. We’re hoping our duck couple will start reproducing soon, but so far they are still roaming around ours and nearby yards.

Before we knew it, the gents had arrived.

That’s Morgun on the left and Dickon most of you all know. They brought with them my parents and brother #1. So we were all together except for the two youngest boys who both work in the bar/restaurant business and Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for them.

We had a great afternoon. I made stuffed shells (everything home made except the pasta) and we grilled sausage. My mother, who adores Italian food, was ecstatic. We took the cupcakes, frosted them with whipped cream, and drew red seams on them so they looked like baseballs. We had the Mets going for most of the afternoon and then switched to the Phillies, for sister #3 who INSISTS on living in that dreadful state. We gave my mom a bag full of books (which to my family is better than jewels – well almost better) and we picked out really good ones that we hadn’t read yet so she knows where to send them after she’s finished:)

Helen & I finished the night off watching the finale of Survivor. I didn’t expect the one who won to win (I’m not saying who because if you haven’t seen it yet but are interested, nothing sucks more than to read it on someone’s blog by accident) but she did deserve it. She played a great game. We also saw the reunion show which is always fun because you never remember the ones that are voted off early in the game. They don’t have enough time to make an impression before they’re gone. And now, it’s Monday again, and we’re starting the week all over again:)


2 Responses to “Weekend’s Activities”

  1. Family Adventure Says:

    I often have these brilliant ideas about the garden, and then I am shocked to see how much work it is to implement them. Your flower bed is going to look awesome – but right now, it resembles many such patches around my garden that have yet to be completed. Gah!Heidi

  2. Hey Teach! Says:

    Still can’t wait to hear Al & Val’s reaction to what I am going to refer to as “the grave” until it starts blooming

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