LOST – spoiler alert

We’ve had to catch up on my Lost viewing on the abc.com website (very cool thing by the way – full episodes with limited commercials) because our Tivo hates the show and either doesn’t tape it or gives us a grey screen instead of a picture. This has happened for every new episode since the writer’s strike finished (okay, maybe one week we forgot to set the DVR but otherwise, the box hates LOST!) Anyway, I watched last week’s episode yesterday at lunch time. And as usual, my initial reaction is WTF? Move the island???? I’m sorry, that’s it – I’m speechless. Can’t wait to see what they bring tonight!

One Response to “LOST – spoiler alert”

  1. Hey Teach! Says:

    it is the most frustrating show…i don’t even know why we waste our time since at the end of every episode it’s the same reaction and you just have more questions…i suppose since we have invested so much time and brain cells, we have to see what happens in the end…plus we have to give the rodent something to talk with us about

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