Today, sister #3 graduates with her BSN from Immaculata College in PA. She got her RN several years ago and has been working full time in hospitals ever since. To go back to school on top of working is tough. To do it on top of nursing is incredible. And she will be graduating WITH HONORS! Think we’re just a little proud of her?
Yesterday was spent getting ready for today. We had to wrap her present (which I can’t go into here because she reads this blog) and getting her cake ready. I made the cupcakes she made last weekend but I put together little mortarboard tops to resemble a graduation cap. Mine don’t look nearly as nice as the ones in the picture but they’re chocolate so that’s all that matters!
We had just finished watching the Preakness (Big Brown is truly beautiful when he runs – that finish – wow!) when out of the corner of my eye, I caught this running through the yard.

My mother had brought Master Dickon for a run. He immediately found his bone from whatever space he had hidden it and went on a tear, showing his bone all his favorite spots around the yard. Then he would hide the bone and once we got too close to the spot, come running over, grab as if from the jaws of death, and go find a new spot. He even hid it in the grave.

We came out at one point and there was a new hole in the flower bed. This wide open yard and we give him a dirt bed to dig in too? Heaven! And the nicest part? The blackbirds and sparrows felt free to come wander the grass as he played. Our peaceable kingdom.

Oh, and just a really quick note, in the first game of this year’s subway series, where the Mets play the dreaded Yankees, we creamed them yesterday! Mets 7, Yankees 4 – oh yeah baby!

It’s time to go. We have to go pick up J (brother #3), drive 2 1/2 hours to the dreaded state of PA, sit through hours of other people’s joy until they graduate the continuing education students (non-traditional age), and then our hearts will soar as they call Amanda‘s name and we will cheer and scream for her as any large family who adores each other should!

This started as a quick recap of yesterday, but I managed to tie in the Sunday Scribblings prompt, Soar. Go here to see other, more eloquent, entries.


5 Responses to “GRADUATION DAY”

  1. the dragonfly Says:

    Hooray for Amanda!!!

  2. painted maypole Says:

    yay Amanda! and yay for a cheering family! (and hey, PA isn’t so bad!)

  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    Master Dickon is a menace. Our poor flower bed has had to bear so much in its one short week of life. The floods on Monday and now Dickon digging it up. It’s a good thing we adore him. Can’t believe Rodie ruined Big Brown for us by telling us about the steroids.

  4. nonizamboni Says:

    Ahh, the loud adoration of a large family! Congrats all around…a fun post–and dog photo–to read for soaring on SScribblings.

  5. Granny Smith Says:

    What a fun post! This was a real dose of happiness for the reader as well as the participants.Thank you!

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