We are hitting a difficult patch with our store. We had a great idea @5 years ago (selling teaching supplies and educational items for parents and teachers alike), worked at it part time, and when Helen got laid off, the timing seemed perfect for her to work for the store full time. It was right before Christmas and, with all the calls coming in asking questions, we really needed someone full time to field them. And the store grew.

Then last Christmas, we made the cardinal sin of over-ordering on credit, thinking it would be better to have a few extra on hand rather than run out of any items. Although we did well, and sales were up from the year before, we still bought way too much stuff. Now, we have a ton of inventory taking up every inch of the house, lots of bills that are coming due or are overdue, and not a lot of money coming in because sales are way down. Because of the economy, because it’s the wrong time for teachers to be buying, because we have no money for advertising? Who knows. We’ve sold out of all the stuff that does really, really well, and we can’t re-stock, as we have to pay other vendors.

And it’s beginning to affect the rest of our lives, because the store contributes to the rent and the upkeep of the house. So now, we’re facing some uncomfortable scenarios. We do not want to give up on the store (i.e. having Helen go back to work outside the house) because we’ve invested a lot of time and money into the whole process. Besides, we really enjoy it. We’ve been looking at the store as our retirement (pie-in-the-sky — we’ll sell out for millions when we’re ready to give up working and travel). And to get Hey Teach to the point of supporting us in the style to which we’ve become accustomed, it needs someone on call all the time.

So right now we are living on my not-so-big salary and what the store can contribute. We pay alot of money in rent. However, we have the house to ourselves (which is huge coming from our last apartment where we had a very loud person living above us for a year), it’s on a very quiet cul-de-sac in a really safe part of town (something we treasure), and it’s on the river. For now, down-sizing to a smaller house or an apartment in a different area or basically going anywhere other than where we are right now is not an option we choose to pursue. We’ll pass up on a lot of things to remain in our house.

So, I thought I might do some work-at-home, to bring in extra cash. I keep getting ads for data entry jobs that allow you to make UP TO $5000 A MONTH!!!! However, you have to pay to get the information, which is counter productive. If I’m trying to make extra money because I don’t have any to spare, I don’t have any to spend on information. Does anyone know of a way to get started on this venture? I don’t want to be tied to a specific time (like working 5:30 to 9:30 PM) because I sometimes have to stay late at work. And I want something that allows me to be at home – I spend 10+ hours outside my house as it is, and another 7 at least sleeping. I’m good at typing, I’m reasonably intelligent, and I’m great to work with as long as I get to do things my way. Doesn’t anyone have work for me???

And to throw yet another spanner in the works, as we enter summer, with all the fruit that it has to offer, we are trying to eat more healthy foods. Why is it so much more expensive to eat healthy? If I wanted to weigh 700 pounds and survive on kraft macaroni & cheese, I could live for pennies a day. But we want to get in better shape and, dare I say lose weight? Now’s the time to do it with the nicer weather and great local produce available.

Anyone have any suggestions? All help is appreciated:)


6 Responses to “HEY TEACH”

  1. amanda Says:

    online resume writing or term paper writing???

  2. Hey Teach! Says:

    don’t forget to add one wonder kitten to our expenses…that’s it andrew hit the streets

  3. tlawwife Says:

    Lisa at http://www.crazycowcountryfarm.com/blog/ works from home answering phone calls for people who are ordering things online. She has gone to NY to do a television spot or 2 on how to do it. She also has a bunch of information that she has gleamed. She loves it.

  4. Alpha DogMa Says:

    Sorry to hear about your tough times. That sucks. Those data entry jobs are a real scam from what I’ve heard and few people make back their initial investment. Since you are operating your business from your house are you claiming part of the rent as a tax expense? That might help out, just a smidge. Good luck!

  5. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN Says:

    How about tutoring? You can do it when you want and pick the subjects and the students you want. My cousin is paying out of her nose for Sylvan tutoring, and she wishes that her daughter would have more one-on-one time with the tutor. She pays $80 per HOUR for the tutor and it’s in a small group setting!!! You’d be perfect given your background in teaching and your current business.

  6. painted maypole Says:

    i agree about DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT EXPECTS YOU TO PAY THEM upfront. scam alert, scam alert! That being said, I have no further advice, sorry.maybe you could try selling some stuff on ebay? 😉

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