Car Problems – AGAIN!

We were driving up from beach last night, almost home, when I pulled into WaWa to hock my soul and fill my gas tank. And I couldn’t turn the car off. I couldn’t turn the key from the on position. I tried yanking the steering wheel back and forth, putting the car into different gears (it’s a standard transmission so it doesn’t have to be in park to get the key out), stepping on the gas, on the clutch, on the brake – on all different combinations of the above three, and NOTHING. So we continued home (after putting $45 of gas into my tiny coupe! and I know we’re among the lowest gas prices in the country so I am feeling for anyone outside of NJ), where I proceeded to pop the clutch so at least the car wasn’t guzzling the gas I just poured into it. However, the battery was still on. I called OnStar because, of course it’s Sunday – my dealership isn’t open, otherwise I would have left it with them. OnStar was very nice, and very unhelpful because they have never had this happen before and they usually contact the dealer, but since it was Sunday …. We left it that I would let the battery die overnight and call Saturn roadside help the next morning to schedule a battery jump and then take the car to the dealer first thing. Luckily I have a second set of keys so I could lock the doors because all you had to do was turn the key to start the car. Yes, in an ironic turn, you can turn the key on, you just can’t turn it OFF!

On to the next morning (this morning) – I first maneuver my way through Saturn’s electronic options, desperately trying to get a live body, to reactivate my call from last night. After 5 minutes, all I’ve got is dead air. I hang up, start again, and finally get a voice. After some snorting (on his end) at my predicament, we agree that I need a tow truck to come jump start the car. That will be in one hour. 45 minutes later, the tow truck shows up, turns the key and the damn car starts all by itself. I just automatically assumed the battery would be dead (it was on all night!) so I didn’t bother to turn the key myself, otherwise I would have saved myself a ton of frustration. Anyway, I get back in to Helen intercepting an electronic call saying the tow truck would be here in 20 minutes. Yeah right! By now, the dealership is open and I call them to let them know they are getting my car shortly. I asked them if I could get a loaner car, but all they have are rentals, which I would have to pay for out of my pocket. “So here’s the thing”, I say, “This is the 4th time this car has been to you since February and it’s got LESS THAN 10,000 MILES ON IT! If I were dropping it off for routine work, I could understand having to provide my own transportation. But this is still a brand new car and things keep going wrong with it!” They were very nice but they cannot provide a car for something that might take less than a day to fix. When they call to tell me what’s wrong, and if it’s going to take more than a day, we’re going to renegotiate then. I have a backup driver/car so I’m not destitute, but it puts Helen out either giving me her car or having to chauffeur me back and forth. And the kicker is my car was just there less than two weeks ago getting a leak fixed, when I was without it for 3 days as they got parts and leak specialists in to look at the poor thing.

I’ve sworn by Saturn dealers since I got my first Chevy Tracker (used) there back in 1996, and Helen isn’t having any problems with her Vue. So I’m wondering, is it this model of car that’s a lemon? Is it this particular car? Or is it me? This is my first brand new car (and I’ve been driving for a long time) and I’ve never had these kind of problems with any of the other cars until they got much older (13 years old and over 100,000 miles). Just a little frustrating:}

In a follow up to Saturday’s post, I’ve signed up with Job Nugget and applied for a couple of Work-at-home data-entry positions. I’ll keep you updated – keep your fingers crossed for me:-)

3 Responses to “Car Problems – AGAIN!”

  1. painted maypole Says:

    arg. so frustrating.and WaWa. I haven’t been in a WaWa for years, but used to stop there for donuts on a regular basis.

  2. KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN Says:

    Used to love WaWa. Aaaah, memories…Hey Mary Beth, sorry about the car bull-caca. After several run ins with every other model of car on earth, I’ve stuck to my Hondas. My entire family drives a Honda or a Toyota, and knock on wood, not a problem yet. Although, I know that Saturn is really a great line of cars…so, I don’t know what’s going on. I hope they can fix it today!

  3. Hey Teach! Says:

    can’t wait to hear how you describe the loaner they gave you

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