I am so mad, I could just spit! We just finished watching the Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown for Horse Racing. Big Brown, the horse that won the last two legs easily, was heavily favored to win this race as well. However, as happens all to frequently in horse racing, there was a tremendous upset and Da’Tara won instead. Big Brown’s jockey eased him up about 3/4’s of the way around the course, making everyone fear for the worst, especially after what happened to Eight Belles at the Kentucky Derby. The good news is nothing physically wrong has been found with Big Brown as of yet, but his trainer is not talking to the press yet.

ABC and ESPN broadcast the race. Twenty five minutes after the FINISH of the race, they still had not spoken to the winning jockey or the winning trainer. They were focusing completely on Big Brown. Yes he was the favorite. Yes, something might be wrong. But there is another horse who did win! And a 22 year old jockey who just pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Triple Crown history. You plan on talking to him at all? Maybe you’d like to acknowledge that there were other horses in this race? And one of them won??????

This is one of the worst cases of sports coverage I have ever seen.

2 Responses to “SHAME ON YOU ABC”

  1. the dragonfly Says:

    That is pretty sad. I didn’t get to watch, as we were at a graduation party, but I’m pretty sure I would have had the same frustration..

  2. Hey Teach! Says:

    Did anyone other than Big Brown run the Belmont? I thought it was just set up for him and no one else decided to run the race.

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