This is one of my favorite books! I left the book I was reading at work one day and this is the perfect kind of book to pick up as an in-between. Nothing too serious, nothing too heavy – just a lighthearted look at the spy business back in the ’60’s.
Mrs. Pollifax, a 63 year old woman from NJ, walks into the CIA headquarters in VA and asks them if they are hiring spies. By way of mistaken identity, they send her out as a courier because she is the perfect “tourist” and would never be suspected by the enemy, in this case, the Red Chinese. What is supposed to be a very simple transfer of merchandise turns into something much more sinister with agents and double agents. However, Mrs. Pollifax is the chick-lit of the spy genre. She’s fun, she’s realistic, and she’s an absolute comfort to read again and again.
I lent this to a colleague at one of my temp jobs a few years ago and was really upset when she didn’t return it to me before I left at the end of the job. There are a few authors (Dick Francis, Dorothy Gilman, Susan Cooper ….) that I don’t like to lose. They are the ones I turn to in times of crisis – when my father was in the hospital with a heart attack, I had a bag full of Dick Francis’ to rely on. Because no matter how bad it gets, I will be reading:)

One Response to “THE UNEXPECTED MRS. POLLIFAX by Dorothy Gilman”

  1. Bahama Mama Says:

    Hi Mary Beth – thanks for visiting us in the Bahamas. It is hot here just now but not as hot and humid as it is in NJ (I know this becuase NJ is where I grew up and my family is still there). It ever gets very humid and stays at a pretty constant 85-95 all year round. We certainly won’t drink the pool but it needs to RAIN!! BTW – Phillipa Gregory is one of my absolute favorites – you should watch “The Tudors” – I think it’s on Showtime.

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